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Nourishing the Feminine – my Online course

yoni egg

Beautiful sisters, on Thursday August 13, I start again with my 5 week online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’. I invite all women who want to feel more connected to themselves and feel ready to step into their feminine power and radiance. In this online program I offer guidance and practices that help you remember your…

The Wild Womb

Womb wisdom The wild voice of the womb within asks us to:   Slow down and savor and enjoy every moment of our life. Drop beneath the thinking mind into the feeling body. Tune in and listen to the voice of wisdom in the womb. Trust our instincts and intuitions not the opinions of others….

Being in relationship with myself

Embracing my longing for intimacy After 5 years being in relationship (and 7 years before that, and 2 years before that and almost all the years before that, going all they way back to when I was 14 🤭 ) it felt weird to be ’alone’ again. I was so used to being together with…

Motherhood – after the break up

Rediscovering myself At the moment I am rediscovering myself on all sorts of levels.One of them is Motherhood. Where I was actually scared to death to do it alone after my break up, I now experience mothering as one of the most nourishing elements in my life. After some unstable months and lots of processing…

Be Yourself. Reclaim your power!

It is so great to experience when insecurities about yourself, shame and fear for rejection are no longer part of you. It’s such a relieve to just be YOUrself!!! It’s so joyful to step into your Power and fully embrace your authentic Beauty 🌺 For many years I also have been numbed down by insecurities….