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Being in relationship with myself

Embracing my longing for intimacy After 5 years being in relationship (and 7 years before that, and 2 years before that and almost all the years before that, going all they way back to when I was 14 🤭 ) it felt weird to be ’alone’ again. I was so used to being together with […]

Motherhood – after the break up

Rediscovering myself At the moment I am rediscovering myself on all sorts of levels.One of them is Motherhood. Where I was actually scared to death to do it alone after my break up, I now experience mothering as one of the most nourishing elements in my life. After some unstable months and lots of processing […]

Be Yourself. Reclaim your power!

It is so great to experience when insecurities about yourself, shame and fear for rejection are no longer part of you. It’s such a relieve to just be YOUrself!!! It’s so joyful to step into your Power and fully embrace your authentic Beauty 🌺 For many years I also have been numbed down by insecurities. […]