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Feeling so joyful, juicy and sensual

It’s such an unique experience what a retreat can do for you. Laura has so much wisdom and knowledge to share. I’m so grateful that she is sharing her unique gifts with other women from all over the world. Laura brings you into to the present moment. This was something I was struggling with after an hectic & uncertain period in my life. 

I love the way how she leads her retreats. Laura’s retreats are very transformative but also very joyful and sensual at the same time. You can really feel and see that the retreats are created from Laura’s heart. The embodiment practices and women circles are so powerful and the yoga sessions are so sensual.. It’s also beautiful to experience the power and magic of a sisterhood around you; who is there for you and uplift you. 

I always get so many new insights after a retreat from Laura. This was my 3th retreat with her and all retreats have been life changing for me. 

I love how I feel and look after a retreat from Laura. I always feel so joyful, juicy and sensual. Thank you so much Laura. I’m really grateful that I had the chance to join your retreats.

Isabelle - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat May 2024

Breath in the beauty, the feminine, the love

Inhale… exhale… Breath in the beauty, the feminine, the love, the sea, the sun, the joy, the nourishment…deep connection. Such beautiful relationships were formed. With new friends, new layers and dimensions to my relationship with my body, mind and soul. With the land. With the amazing foods that our chef Ivi filled our bellies with.

Laura is such a wonderful, caring, powerful person. You can feel in her work how much she loves what she does. In her hugs, how much she cares for you. In her voice and her words, how much she lives and breaths what she teaches. Even now a month after the retreat the downloads keep coming that Laura planted the seeds for.

I would absolutely recommend Laura’s retreat to anyone. I cannot wait to return to another retreat!

Lauren - from Switzerland / True Feminine Retreat May 2024

I found more direction and confidence

I have joined the Women Retreat Facilitator Training and I am soooooo happy I have joined! I was already 34 weeks pregnant at that moment, but I did not want to miss this for the world. Laura made sure I felt comfortable during the whole training. I signed up for this training because I was looking for more direction and confidence. And I 100000% found that! The build up of this training was perfect, to come to all the answers to my questions and concerns step by step. What was so magical is that I felt so aligned with all the women that were participating. We were all there for a similar reason and that created such a powerful bond and felt so supportive. I am really grateful for Laura and this opportunity. I know I can  do everything on my own, but I am glad that I didn’t have to and could learn from the best facilitator !

Felice- from The Netherlands / Women Retreat Facilitator Training April 2024

A nurturing, expansive experience

Laura is an incredible guide to explore all parts of self, relating, vulnerability and pleasure! She makes you feel seen and welcome and the programming is focused on embodiment versus theory. The week never felt rushed, and while I felt challenged in some practices I was also able to go at my own pace. There is bliss on the other side of fear and I’d choose Laura over and over again to guide me towards more bliss!

Ashley- from New York / True Feminine Retreat Part 2 / May 2024

The best gift a women can give herself!

The True Feminine Retreat Part 2 could not have come at a better moment in my life!

This week gave me that last push I needed to dive deeper in my femininity, but also my sensuality and even my sexuality. Through different practices, archetypes, dance and yoga I learned to open up and show my vulnerability and embrace all that I am as a pure and sacred Women. That I am worthy of pleasure and most of all, Love.

The connection with the other women in the group felt safe and strong from the beginning. I will go through fire for them and know I have their support whenever I need it.

Laura is the best space holder, guide and teacher you can imagine. She has a true gift of guiding women to their true essence. Her Feminine Wisdom is beyond everything and through her retreats she shares this Wisdom with us Sister Goddesses so we can share it with the world! Thank you, Laura!

Mascha- from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat Part 2 / May 2024

Warmth, Love and Wisdom

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Women Retreat Facilitator Training on Ibiza, led by the incredible Laura. This was my second retreat with Laura and this experience was yet another one of great learnings. We were guided with warmth, love and wisdom that truly set the tone for the entire experience.

The training provided me with valuable insights, tools, and experiences that I will carry with me in both my life and work. Laura’s approach has the perfect balance between teaching, hands-on practices, and reflective exercises, allowing for personal growth and development.

What also made this experience special was the sense of connection that grew within our group of amazing women, all dedicated to spreading love and connection in their own unique way.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and can wholeheartedly recommend Laura’s training to anyone seeking personal and professional growth in a supportive and nurturing environment. Thank you!

Katarina - from Sweden / Women Retreat Facilitator Training

So much passion and feminine energy

The Women Retreat Facilitator Training from Laura was an amazing experience! My heart immediately said ‘yes’ when she announced that she would give this training. Laura is a very experienced retreat facilitator. She is a great inspiration for me. She has so much knowledge and wisdom to share. I also love her approach. Laura does everything with so much passion, feminine energy and also some masculine energy for the structure. I was looking for a retreat training that would give me all the tools and confidence to start with organising my own retreats. After the training program from Laura I feel completely ready to step into this new journey. I feel so grateful that I had the chance to join her retreat facilitator training and her True Feminine Retreat as well. It was another incredible week and I learned so many new things. Thank you so much Laura!

Isabelle - from the Netherlands / Women Retreat Facilitator Training

Simply the best teacher!

For me it was totally clear, if I had to choose a person to teach me how to facilitate a women retreat then it should be Laura! She has already more then 10 years of experience in organizing (women) retreats. And besides that she is an inspiring woman with a warm and radiant energy. She knows how to hold space and is a true specialist in the divine feminine. She just breathes the divine! All the practices and wisdom she taught us are based on her own experience and great tools to implement in women circle or a retreat. The whole week was a retreat and training all in one. We went deep and learned a lot, for me it truly was transforming. And I loved the other sisters who joined. Super grateful!

Kyra - from the Netherlands / Women Retreat Facilitator Training

The best training/retreat for women

I just attended the Women Retreat Facilitator Training with Laura and it was a heartfelt, inspiring, and an expansive experience. She puts a lot of thought, effort, love and enthusiasm into her work and shares her wisdom beautifully. There was a lot of content, exercises, practical lessons and also personal development beautifully entwined together. Her feminine radiance, heart and knowledge shines through in everything. I am in total favor of Laura’s work and guarantee anyone that works with her, it will be a life changing experience for you. You will leave as a different woman – boldly and unafraid of your authenticity.

Andrea - from New Jersey / Women Retreat Facilitator Training

Laura is a genuine teacher of Love

I am just in so much awe of the Women Retreat Facilitator Training I did with Laura. She is a genuine Teacher of Love. The training with her was a great experience, so many tools, sharings and release of blocks to fully come into my essence and feel comfortable enough to fully share my medicine. I am super grateful. Thank you thank you thank you.

Sabrina - from the Netherlands / Women Retreat Facilitator Training

Goddess Cacao Ceremony

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and experiencing your Goddess circle and cacao ceremony at the Ibiza yoga retreat I was on this week. What an INCREDIBLE woman and what an AMAZING experience. The way you held space was magical and I will take that experience forward with me always. Thank you!

Hayley - from UK / Women Circle

Feeling so powerful!

Since our magical time together, I feel so strong! As antrepeneur I am back, on top of my game, more than I have been for years! The retreat really helped me switch back into it, after predominantly being in mommy-mode for the last 5.5 years. Which was perfectly fine and beautiful too! But I didn’t realise how much I missed this part of me. Also, I am horney a.f 24/7! My poor love can’t  keep up, haha!

Jasmijn - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

True Bliss

An amazing week on magical Ibiza, full of yoga, meditation, dancing, deep conversations, connection and transformation. Laura held space for us to be, to feel and be seen. It was a bliss to see every women transform into her most beautiful and radiant self.

Sina - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Magical week!

This week was just what I needed at this very moment… the safe space made me feel comfortable to share what was going on in my life and mind. I loved the way the retreat was build up. Nice yoga sessions, beautiful rituals and moments for myself in between. Laura is the goddess of feminine power! She is such an inspiring woman! The way of living (in my feminine energy) and the learnings from this retreat will help me so much in my daily life. Thank you for this magical week Laura!

Mandy - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Remembering my sensuality

During this retreat I learned how to reconnect with my body and feminine energy. Laura has the fantastic gift of creating a space of safety. Her natural sensuality makes you open up and remember and embrace your own sensuality. Her grounded energy and lightness are very pleasant to experience. It is beyond words! I recommend everyone to experience this piece of magic that Laura can provide. The magic is already within you and with Laura you can easily dive into it. I wish you love and light!

Sharlain - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Unforgettable Magic

I received this retreat as a gift for my 50th birthday. What a valuable present! It’s been delightful to have this precious time for myself to reflect in such a beautiful location. The program is highly diverse and enriching, carefully and systematically laid out. Experiencing how Laura created a beautiful, safe, and confidential atmosphere within our group was truly special. You can genuinely be yourself. You can just BE. The magical power within us women is astounding, and it has been wonderful to reconnect with myself.

I cherish the magical moments in various emotions. The exercises, activities, sharings, me-time, and deliciousl, surprising vegan meals, combined with Laura’s love and her mission to awaken the feminine essence and power in as many women as possible, make this retreat unforgettable! Every woman deserves to remember who she truly is, and Laura will guide you in a magical way!

Esther - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Emotional and truly magical!

I was going through a rough patch when I arrived on the island. Laura created a safe space where all my emotions were welcome. With all the beautiful practices and the supporting circle of women, I was able to let go more and more every day, reconnect with myself and heal. With daily yoga sessions, a stunning location with most beautiful sunrises, two trips to wonderful places on the island and the most delicious vegan food, the retreat had all you need for a perfect self love week!

Karin - from Switzerland / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Real Raw Rage

During the retreat, I was able to really feel and express my anger, for the first time ever in this life…Raw, real rage came pouring out of me in sobs, whailes, and cries.
I screamed into my pillow and howled into the wind, letting go of so much bottled up anger, childhood pain, and sheer disbelief of how people have treated me as a child. It was liberating!! Since the retreat I am much better at guarding my boundaries and claiming my space, especially in my everyday work-family life. Letting go of all that old (and some new) anger helped me to find a new ease in relaxing and letting go. I love it!!

Besides this particular experience, and all the other beautiful lessons, insights, experiences and sister connection I got to take home with me, I LOVED the me-time. It was so nourishing. Thank you Laura, I hope to join you and your magic again!

Jasmijn - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Serenity and Acceptance

I booked this retreat when I was going through tough times back home. I came and was so excited to meet Laura and the beautiful ladies. In 5 days I have experienced so many beautiful feelings and some deep emotions as well. I felt this what I specifically needed at this moment in my life. The location and activities are so beautiful and well organized. And Laura was the most loving and caring soul. I left the retreat with a bunch of new friends who accepted me as I am. I am so grateful for this. I hope to do the retreat again next year!

Lamyaa - from Oman / True Feminine Retreat Oct 2023

Cacao Ceremony

We had a cacao ceremony with Laura to celebrate our best friends reunion in Ibiza and the experience was way beyond our expectations. Not only were we able to connect together as sisters in the most beautiful ways, but Laura also helped us letting go of what is holding us back individually and set our intentions of what we want to bring in our lives. The moment we shared was beautiful beyond words and we all felt a true sense of peace and connection afterwards. It was a powerful individual experience as well as a heart-warming shared experience among women. Thank you so much Laura for this wonderful ceremony.

Joana - from Switzerland / Women Circle

Exceeding Expectations – Truly Exceptional and Sacred

This retreat was one of the most meaningful experiences I could have ever shared with my partner. From the moment we arrived, the hosts, Laura and Wouter, were so very warm and welcoming. All accommodations were thoughtfully prepared in advance with our own private space, including a bathroom and entryway. Surrounded by charm and tranquility, we spent our time enjoying beautiful sunrises within a spacious setting that inspired a dozen or more pictures for us to capture wonderful memories. There were areas to rest privately as well as cabanas and chairs poolside where attendees were invited to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

All throughout the retreat, the agenda was on display to set the tone with times for activities as well as personal time to explore the beauty of the island. With each activity, Wouter and Laura walked the couples deeper into a connection that oftentimes felt natural and progressive. They were also active participants with each event, setting the bar for vulnerability and honest expression. It quickly became clear that we were immersing ourselves into a well-planned curriculum, with diverse course materials, meaningful content, guided meditations, and insights that developed our sense of connection and belonging.

It is my sincere hope that this Sacred Couple Retreat would become a defining experience that continues to grow in popularity for hundreds of couples seeking romance and connection. As a framework for developing romantic expression, this retreat will absolutely influence the way you love and honor your partner!

Matthew - from New Jersey USA / Sacred Couple Retreat March 2023

An intimate and heart opening couple experience!

This was our first time at a Sacred Couples Retreat, and I cannot speak highly enough of the Love, effort, intimate sessions, high quality food, and daily activities that were so intrinsically thought out and offered.

The retreat home was serene, well designed and peaceful. It helped us fully unplug, disconnect and find true presence and balance with each other. Laura and Wouter as host couples, are truly dedicated to their purpose and also to their guests. They are an exceptional couple. Silent mornings, reflective yoga and the meditation sessions were so deeply nourishing for us all.

We feel truly blessed to have made new friends, learned more about communication, honoring each other, dancing and staying devoted to our relationship even more because of our retreat.

We will remain forever grateful for this soulful experience!

Andrea - from New Jersey USA / Sacred Couple Retreat March 2023

A fantastic experience!

For me as man who recently participated in the Sacred Couple Retreat with my partner, I have to say it was an incredibly positive experience. The retreat was held at a beautiful place and we felt completely taken care of and were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions.

The retreat was led by Laura and Wouter who are incredibly warm and welcoming. They provided us with a range of fun, challenging, relaxing, intimate and adventurous exercises and sessions designed to help us connect with each other on a deeper level. I was positively surprised on how natural it all felt, I even enjoyed the yoga and movement exercises that sometimes transformed into dancing..

I would highly recommend this couple’s retreat to anyone looking to strengthen their relationship. We left feeling even more open and closer to each other, and I know we’ll carry the lessons we learned with us for years to come. I am very grateful that I had the chance to experience this special retreat with the love of my life.

Olof - from Sweden / Sacred Couple Retreat March 2023

A truly exceptional experience

I am delighted to write this review about the Sacred Couples Retreat as this particular retreat was truly exceptional! The retreat took place in a beautiful location. From the moment we arrived, we felt a sense of peace and calm that lasted throughout our stay. The morning meditation and yoga with Wouter were simply amazing! The yoga sessions as well as the couples sessions were held in a beautiful outdoor setting, which added to the sense of tranquility and relaxation.

The retreat provided us with great opportunity to deepen our connection with each other after 24 years marriage. We were able to disconnect from our busy lives and focus on spending quality time together and engaging in meaningful conversations. The practices created a space where we could truly be present with each other and deepen our love and appreciation for one another.

We enjoyed delicious and healthy meals and made new friends. Overall, I cannot recommend this retreat enough. It was the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and connection with my partner. We left feeling recharged, renewed, and deeply grateful for the experience. If you are looking for a beautiful and transformative experience with your partner, I highly recommend you join this lovely retreat. Laura and Wouter made it truly special.

Katarina - from Sweden / Sacred Couple Retreat March 2023

Best gift to myself!

I’m so thankful to myself that I made the decision to join the True Feminine Retreat. This retreat was the best gift I could give to myself! This retreat was life changing for me and brought me a lot of joyful memories. Laura creates a very warm and safe space. We had deep authentic conversations during our women circles. The yoga sessions where sensual, relaxing and everything was flowing. I feel deeply connected with my feminine side after this retreat.

Laura made us aware of our biggest power of being a woman (our feminine side). After the retreat I feel re-born, recharged, super feminine and I’m full of inspiration for the future.

You can really notice that Laura has a lot of experience with giving retreats and everything was perfectly organized for us. We slept in an amazing villa and we had delicious meals everyday made by a private chef. I recommend everybody to give yourself this gift. I promise you will not regret this.

Isabelle - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat September 2022

Set our relationship on fire. Still feel the glow!

My partner and I had the pleasure of doing the Sacred Couple Retreat at The Mountain Ibiza this past August (2022) as an anniversary celebration, and it honestly set our relationship on fire. I can’t recommend it more highly.

Laura and Wouter are seasoned facilitators with beautiful souls, and they’re just fun people to be around. I really appreciated the way they shared their own personal experiences and struggles openly and vulnerably with us. Rather than being the sort of “teacher” who just gives advice without participating, they really led by example.

All the programming was so thoughtful, creative, playful, challenging, and deeply connective. Every day’s agenda was a cool new mix of verbal, physical, emotional, and spiritual activities. My advice to anyone attending this retreat: Drink all the kool aid. It’s delicious.

The food, accommodations, and overall vibes of this place are next level. Most of our activities took place in a breezy gazebo lined by palm trees right in front of a crystal clear infinity pool. Behind that is the magical Ibiza ocean and a perfect view of sunset, because all of this is perched on top of a (you guessed it) mountain.

Some of my favorite moments (without giving too much away) were the dancing, the breathwork, the beautiful group rituals, the tantric “homework”, and a couple verbal/physical partner exercises that really just cracked my heart wide open.

Also, Laura’s music taste is fire!

On a more serious note, my partner and I were able to work through some deeply-rooted issues in our relationship at this retreat that we’d honestly been struggling to resolve for years. I came home from Ibiza feeling more in love, more intimately connected, and more attracted to my partner than I’ve felt in a long time.

It’s been over 2 months and I can still feel the glow! My advice: Go! And drink as much kool aid as you can. It’s delicious.

Cougar Oswald- from California / Sacred Couple Retreat July 2022

So grateful for this experience!

The True Feminine Retreat was beyond amazing. Through friends I heard about this retreat and I gave it myself as a birthday present. The whole experience felt all so right. The villa we stayed in was luxurious and beautiful, the food was all freshly cooked, vegan, GF, free of refined sugar and so so so delicious.

Laura guided us through a lifechanging adventure, with a brilliant program, perfect guidance and great wisdom. The connection with the other women felt deep, loving and safe. It was an inspiring and joyful journey in finding our inner selves again; the beautiful, powerful, radiant and wise women we all are.

If you doubt, please don’t… I assure you, you won’t regret it! It is the best gift you can give yourself. Looking forward to part 2!

Nicole K- from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat September 2022

A week of bliss and connection

What a beautiful week of feeling, dancing, connecting and nourishing ourselves. Laura is a beautiful guide who will teach, challenge and encourage you to find your unique feminine gifts. I came with an open mind and honest heart and WOW did I expand and relax into myself. If you’re looking to create a deeper connection with yourself, other women, and nature, look no further, this retreat is for you.

Ashley - from New York / True Feminine Retreat September 2022

Found my True Inner Sparkle again!

I have been following Laura for a while and through these times I got more curious about how the retreat could help me open up more and learn more about my femininity. It turned out to be way more then that! From the moment I stepped into the magic place we stayed, I felt very comfortable. I booked a single room to alow myself the space I really needed. The program during the week was so special. I could feel Laura knows what she is doing and how to make me really let go of everything that was holding me back from feeling truly beautiful, radiant, free and selfconfident again. This is what I wish for every woman! The women I met during this retreat made me feel I am not the only one struggling with issues about my femininity. It turns out that when Women come together, Magic happens! Thank you, Laura, and all the other gorgeous sisters, for your guidance, love and wisdom. I will treasure this week for the rest of my life! Namasté!

Mascha - from the Netherlands / True Feminine Retreat September 2022

Divine Feminine Happiness

I am completely full of love and gratitude from the True Feminine Retreat. Laura has created such a beautiful programme full of nourishing yoga, self love practices and exercises to awaken the goddess spirit. I felt supported, inspired and excited embracing the journey of the week. The food was delicious, varied and fresh – a work of art! All in an incredible location, perfection in every corner. I am so so grateful to experience The Mountain Ibiza retreat and super grateful to Laura and the crew for guiding the incredible week. We made memories I’ll treasure for a lifetime. I’d recommend the experience to anyone wanting to feel ultimate freedom, to uncover new parts of themselves and to nurture mind, body and soul. Laura has such a loving and powerful approach and is sharing her gift to awaken the divine feminine. Also so much fun and playfulness! Thank you for everything!! Love and light

Laura Frost - from UK / True Feminine Retreat September 2022

Love Bubble creates magic

This Sacred Couples’ Retreat was a true celebration of our love. Laura and Wouter held such a safe and evolving space. The villa was magical and the vegan food was beyond amazing. The whole Couples Retreat just wrapped us in love and led us to a such a profound depth, we couldn’t believe was possible. There was a perfect balance between the practices at the villa, on the beach and time for integration and having quality time together. We also really enjoyed Wouters morning yoga.

We think that every couple needs from time to time these kind of practices, clearings, rituals, talks etc., whether to reignite their fire or to make that fire burn even brighter!!!!

We can say that these days spent with you brought us to a complete new level… We have been to number of retreats and this was just what we needed at this moment – a really deep celebration of our love!!! Thank You both so much!

Merike and Peter - from Estonia/Ireland / Sacred Couple Retreat July 2022

Giving love space to blossom

Laura and Wouter create a loving and reliable space to explore the magic of the love between partners. My partner and I embarked on this journey in celebration of 10 years together. He has done some retreats before, but for me, this was the first one. My anxiety and nerves of diving into the unknown melted away as Laura and Wouter welcomed me into a space where I was safe to really feel the emotions that I suppress during every day life. Over the week, my love for my partner and his love for me was nourished into an amazing blossom. We healed, played, exalted – and yes, made amazing love in the beauty of Ibiza. I was astonished that each day I felt more and more alive to the energy that love grants me. You will not be disappointed from this experience!

Laura and Wouter have so much to share with the world about the power of surrendering to love. I will be forever grateful to them for the blessings of their gifts: their wisdom, clarity, generosity, humor, and love. And let’s not forget the food! The food for this retreat was truly divine. I swooned with gratitude during every meal, and felt energized through each day. The amazing accommodations ensure that you will be relaxed the entire time you are here!

Karrah - from US / Sacred Couple Retreat July 2022

Invest wisely in your relationship!

Me and my partner knew we needed a refill in our relationship, but we had no idea how needed it was until we started the retreat. Slowly, Laura and Woulter peeled the onion and layer after layer fell. It was an at time hard journey, but so worth the effort. We laughed, cried, screamed, whispered, sweated, danced, talked and loved out the growth of our sacred couple bubble. Laura and Woulter gently guided us with lots of carefully planned and executed sessions. The amount of “work” and free time to digest, it all was just right. They managed to establish a relaxed atmosphere, where everybody felt seen, heard and valued. The villa where the retreat was held is absolutely stunning and the food the most delicious vegan food ever. We absolutely recommend that you invest in your relationship by attending this retreat.

Zia - from Sweden / Sacred Couple Retreat July 2022

For every couple that wants to deepen their love and intimacy

So grateful for this wonderful retreat with Laura and Wouter. A beautiful and inspiring couple, hosting the retreat with a lot of love, joy and integrity. Our relationship is blooming even more and our lovemaking has shifted to an even higher level (we didn’t even knew was possible :). Wonderful place, amazing food, lovely people. There was a beautiful and careful build up in the sessions. And a lot of things we take home to integrate in our lives and relationship. I would recommend this retreat to every couple that wants to grow together!

Roos - from Holland / Sacred Couple Retreat 2022

Beautiful couple bubble experience

We are so grateful to have attended the Sacred Couple Retreat with Laura & Wouter in Ibiza. They take you on a true journey as a couple with many learnings and highlights along the way. You begin to realize that certain best practices you weren’t aware existed, can add so much value to your relationship. There is lots of space to let go, reconnect, commit and celebrate as a couple. The days were filled with rituals and ceremonies that supported in balancing the feminine & masculine energies, whilst protecting your boundaries and constant reassurance to further explore each other and yourself. We were able to truly create our own sacred couple bubble and we are hoping to maintain this practice as we continue to apply what we have learned here! What a gift the retreat has been. Thank you, Laura & Wouter!
Ari and Nicole - from Germany / Sacred Couple Retreat 2022

All women should experience this magic

I’ve been fortunate to do both part 1 and part 2 of the True Feminine journeys… and these experiences have had such a huge impact on my life. Part 2 has been especially powerful for me. I felt I was given full permission to express my authentic self – through sharing, embodiment, ceremony, movement. In darkness and light, all of me was welcomed and seen and held and loved. Laura is an incredible facilitator and a true artist of this work. She is loving and soft while also strong and fiercely inspires you to liberate yourself, to fully dive in to this experience and reclaim your power as a sensual woman. I’m so grateful to her devotion to this work and the space she has created.
For me, part 1 was like being shown the way. Like stepping onto a path and feeling the potential of who I am as a woman. Part 2 feels like truly living it. Embodying it. Like making love with life itself. It’s wild. I feel so empowered. I know myself more. I love myself more. Every woman should feel this. Thank you Laura. There’s no going back for me now!
Rae - from UK / True Feminine Retreat PART 2 2022

Awakening the Goddess

Having had the wonderful experience of the True Feminine Retreat (part I) last year, I felt like there is this whole new world of my inner sacred goddess to further awaken and explore. I know I had met glimpses of her but did I have/know sufficient tools to let her fully shine? At the same time I feared that going back to everyday life, certain early and vulnerable openings would become undervalued and eventually closed. This is why I signed up for Part II. I had no clue whatsoever how Laura would take things further than what we already shared as sisters during part I, but o boy (I mean sister!) she did definitely take things further!!!
The retreat was mind blowing again and I was so amazed by Laura’s ability to very gently and respectfully, but strong at the same time, guide us through these very intimate moments and experiences. Laura clearly lives what she preaches and one can see the awakened goddess in her. This is what makes her such an inspiring and powerful teacher on the topic. I now have access to so much more tools to let my life force energies flow. Thank you Laura for your mission to teach your sisters how to be a true woman!
Marielle - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat PART 2 2022

Feeling alive again!

Thank you Laura for this retreat, I really loved it!! I was on the right time at the right place, with all these inspiring women. The circles, the ceremonies, the yoga, the dancing, the food, the conversations, the silence it was just perfect. The best present you can give yourself. I felt so much love, my inner power, healing and of course my femininity. To be continued!
Dirry - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

Sparkling feminine journey!

Wow, wow, wow! This week was beyond my expectation and loved the flow of all activities.It is very special to be together with a group of women, all for their own reason at this retreat. Magical Energy! A week full of self love, nourishment, delicious food, dance (love it!), innerwork, nature, laughter and yoga. The best gift for yourself! Here I (re)found my feminine self and now not letting her go anymore. Sign me up for part 2!
Peggy - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

Connecting deeply with my femininity

This Week was so magical! We shared so many wonderful experiences and I could really feel this Sisterhood Connection! I am pregnant and wanted to spend some time just for myself before giving birth and to come into my feminine Energy. This was the perfect place! I loved all the women circles, the dancing, the yoga and all the surprises during the week that made me grow so much and connect deeper with my feminine. Thank you Laura for your wonderful energy !
Sarah - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat May 2022


What a beautiful adventure the True Feminine Retreat was and what a beautiful way you have guided it Laura. An unforgettable retreat in a beautiful location. Thank you for everything!
Saida - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

True alignment with your Feminine

Laura’s retreat was beyond a special experience. Everything was pure and blissful, from the opening ceremony to the yoga and ecstatic dance moments. Everything was in alignment! The retreat gave me beautiful insights, sisterhood, aha moments, and joy. The villa amazing, the fresh and healthy foods dito; excellence in every way!

Laura as the leader of the female pack was inspiring, professional, and strong. I enjoyed every moment of this week, especially the silent mornings, the cacao ceremony, and the sunrise morning swim.

A true and deep experience every woman should have in her life. The deep self-connection, sharing these moments with other Queens, I will never forget. Namaste!

Raja - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

A magical and powerful journey full of Love

I was motivated before I arrived on that powerful place with beautiful women, as I had already loved the idea to spending a week among feminine power. Laura’s work is amazing, she created between us a feeling of sisterhood, of strength, of love, allowing more our femininity in life and to be and to feel our real essence. I perceive and recognize now how essential it is to connect with this unique essence und to give ourselves the attention which we deserve. Thank you Laura for this week full of inspiration and transformation!!!
Francesca - from Switzerland / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

Magical experience

Even though I didn’t feel disconnected with my feminine power I felt called out by this retreat. To be honest I didn’t really know why, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I let myself go with the flow, enjoyed all the practices fully, and finally I was able to surrender which was my intention at the beginning of the week. I learned a lot from Laura and from my sisters. At the end of the week I felt more aware of my consciousness, more grounded and embraced even more self-love. I felt so powerful and radiant ! I met incredible people and discovered that sisterhood is very powerful. I brought back home three words : LOVE – JOY – PEACE!
Cindy - from France / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

All women should experience this magic

I’ve been fortunate to do both part 1 and part 2 of the True Feminine journeys… and these experiences have had such a huge impact on my life.

Part 2 has been especially powerful for me. I felt I was given full permission to express my authentic self – through sharing, embodiment, ceremony, movement. In darkness and light, all of me was welcomed and seen and held and loved.

Laura is an incredible facilitator and a true artist of this work. She is loving and soft while also strong and fiercely inspires you to liberate yourself, to fully dive in to this experience and reclaim your power as a sensual woman. I’m so grateful to her devotion to this work and the space she has created.

For me, part 1 was like being shown the way. Like stepping onto a path and feeling the potential of who I am as a woman.

Part 2 feels like truly living it. Embodying it. Like making love with life itself. It’s wild. I feel so empowered. I know myself more. I love myself more. Every woman should feel this.Thank you Laura. There’s no going back for me now!

Rae - from UK / Part 2 True Feminine Retreat 2022

A deeply nurturing week

My intention was to embody more my feminine essence, to delve deep into my inner power. I had even more. During all the amazing practices Laura lead, I felt I was exactly at the right place, surrounded by wonderful women in a sense of sisterhood that I think we should ALL experience in our life.
I let you discover the program, but I can tell you, you’ll leave nourished, empowered, inspired and greatly transformed. Thank you again Laura for all your amazing work!!!
Jenna Blossom - from France / True Feminine Retreat May 2022

Yoni-opening experience every woman should gift herself!

I had the pleasure to participate in one of Laura’s Women retreats before I joined the online course “Sacred Yoni Temple”, and I am absolutely amazed by her ability to create such a safe, warm and magical space even in the virtual world! I felt very comfortable and connected to the group, and was able to explore many hidden facets of my feminity which I would have never discovered without the guidance of Laura. I am so thankful for this experience and all the knowledge I gained about my body and especially my yoni, and I can’t wait to continue this adventure on my own and to further deepen the connection with my inner world!
Marisa - from Switzerland / Online course

Life-changing experience!

“I came to the retreat burned out and disconnected to myself and my body. Meeting Laura gave me the feeling that I am at the right place to reconnect. I could feel her magical aura from the very first beginning. Laura really made every session special and was the perfect teacher because she is so authentic and lives what she teaches. What I learned about feminine power and sisterhood changed my perspective on many things in my life. The whole sourrounding was just perfect – the villa, the food, everything. I could really reconnected with myself again. This retreat will be in my heart forever.”
Pia - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat October 2021

Magical Experience

“Going on the True Feminine Retreat was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. Everything I experienced during this week was incredible and went way beyond my expectations, from the stunning and serene villa, the delicious food, and the entire programme that Laura has put together with so much intention which will take you on a deep journey of self-discovery. This retreat provided a space where we felt cared for, safe, loved, and able to truly open up and be ourselves. I was able to let go of a lot of baggage from the past and worries about the future and really focus on the present moment and just be. As a group we connected on a deep level and shared some magical moments together which I will always cherish. I am so incredibly grateful for the beautiful friendships I made and everything I learned. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday during the retreat and everyone made me feel incredibly special. It was a unique and meaningful experience and the perfect way to start a new beginning. I have come out of this experience feeling completely transformed, renewed, free, grounded and have a totally fresh outlook on life. Thank you Laura for a truly beautiful experience that I will never forget.”
Gemma - from UK / True Feminine Retreat October 2021

Life enhancing experience

“An unforgettable and life enhancing experience that every woman should gift herself. Laura is a truly devotional space holder and her programme is created with such nourishing intention, you can safely surrender to the magic that unfolds. A chance to learn about the divine pleasures and wonders of being a woman and to come home to your authentic self while being held and witnessed by a loving sisterhood. If your intuition is calling you here, I would urge you to listen.”
Rae - from UK / True Feminine Retreat October 2021

Magical, healing, blissful experience

“ I don’t even know where to begin describing what this retreat did to me and how much it impacted my life already. Laura created a very safe environment where everybody could be truly open and share deepest insights while being held by the incredible women I was lucky to share this experience with. We created such a strong bond of sisterhood with such a deep connection I could not imagine being possible within such a short time. This helped me to truly open up, be true to myself and go deep into discovering what is preventing me from fully allowing myself.
I feel so much love, gratefulness and bliss for the opportunity to discover what is blocking me and to allow myself being my true self. The incredible woman that I am, allowing myself to unfold fully and do all the amazing things I know I am capable of. I feel so blissed to have experienced this week with all the sessions learning how to practice mindfulness, trust and self-love.  I shared things I have hardly ever shared before and gave the sisters insights to my soul. Experiencing being held, supported and loved unconditionally making myself  vulnerable helped me so much to be honest and true to myself. We have created this incredible save space that helped me to truly start to heal which is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. Seeing each of my sisters grow and rise in this week is giving me so much hope and makes me so incredibly grateful.

With all the bliss I feel – and which I know I will keep – I could go on and on with sharing about all this unconditional love, support and encouragement I received. I want to encourage every woman who even slightly feels interested when reading about this retreat to go for it. For me it just felt right when I first saw it and I decided immediately to go – such an outstanding lesson for me to always trust my feeling. This truly was a magical experience on magical Ibiza! 

Conny - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat October 2021

Sparkling journey through darkness and light

“When I chose to book this retreat, I had no idea that I was about to embark on a journey which would have such a deeply changing impact on my inner self, on my connection to my body as well as my emotions and on my sensuality. I could not have wished for a better guide through this adventure than Laura. She curated the whole program in such a thoughtful and sensitive way, which really enabled me to let loose, fully trust the process and concentrate on looking and feeling inwards. And not only that, she as well as the amazing location and the delicious food somehow worked their magic, and we connected on such a deep level as a group and grew so close. This safe space is valuable beyond words, and made it possible for all of us to feel seen, carried and witnessed by our sisters and work through the darkness to find the light again! I am sure that the learnings and inspirations I took home with me will change the course of my whole life, and I really could not be more thankful for that.”
Marissa - from Switzerland / True Feminine Retreat October 2021

A breathtaking week that I’ll remember forever

“My soul reentered my body – thanks to this totally life changing week. Wow. The retreat has made me realise what an amazing gift it is to be a woman, thanks to Laura’s beautiful and magical teachings exploring the sacred feminine. In all ways I feel nourished in my heart and my body after starting to know this sacred female power. Laura held us all this week in such a intentional container space of self discovery and healing – her presence, guidance and encouragement really helped me step out of my comfort zone and leave stories that no longer served me behind. The sisters and I kept saying – every embodiment workshop, every yoga class that followed was just what we needed to pull us out of our stories, and deeper into the connection with our sacred bodies. I was so blessed to watch this group of powerful and sexy sisters go on this journey with their hearts and bodies, and share this transformational time together! The things I took home – a sisterhood of powerful and gorgeous women, memories I will cherish for a lifetime, a renowned sense of love and desire for my body and my yoni, a beautiful new way of seeing the world around me and a burning desire to explore more of myself and my spirituality! I feel like this was the gift to myself I never gave myself permission to have and now I feel so thankful to know this part of me with love. Thank you Laura – I’m forever grateful for this journey you’ve started me on, you’ll forever be in my heart. May all women experience this sense of aliveness in themselves!”
Amber - from UK / True Feminine Retreat October 2021

Overwhelmingly beautiful experience

“The True Feminine Retreat lead by Laura was held at our place from 11-18 September (2021) and I participated in the program. I was so overwhelmed by the energies and powers that become accessible when women come together and open their hearts. This can only happen in a protected, safe and harmonious environment which Laura created in a professional, skilled and very pleasant manner. In these sacred women gatherings individual problems came to the surface and even dissolved. Laura’s morning yoga classes were such a treat and heart opening, the ceremonies and women circles were exceptional experiences which will definitely stay with me forever and the delicious vegan food made me feel even better! In short; this retreat was fantastic in many ways. I feel I have 12 new soul sisters!
Marielle - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

A Week of self love

“This retreat is a must for all the women out there and especially for the ones who lost their connection to their feminine side in the modern masculine lifestyle. I came to the retreat with “feminine burnout” and left with “ feminine charged power” after the support of Laura and my soul sisters in the one week retreat. I definitely look forward to do more retreats with Laura in the future.”
Munirah - from Saudia Arabia / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Truly incredible experience

“This retreat was everything I had hoped for. I came to the retreat close to burn out and through Laura’s magical programme I was able to reconnect with myself in a way that I haven’t done for years. I’ve come home feeling grounded and peaceful. I felt so supported and to experience this with such amazing women was a beautiful experience I will never forget. I am so grateful I was able to join this retreat and to Laura for sharing her light with us. Thank you!”
Nicola - from UK / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Week full of magic

“The week with Laura and the beautiful group of women was truly giving. I left Ibiza with a smile on my face with so many good memories and new friends. In addition to a relaxing and joyful week in a beautiful and luxury location (with the best food, I could never have expected this incredible high standard!), I was able to step further out of my secure comfort zone and truly feel the emotions that are inside. Laura is the warmest person that makes everyone feel at home. I have returned with many tools for my further learning, spirituality and self-love. Many thanks Laura for creating this magic to all of us!”
Linn - from Sweden / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Pure Bliss

“It’s still hard to put into words the magic and bliss I experienced during the
True Feminine Retreat. I really didn’t know what to expect, but it really called me and I had a feeling that this week is exactly what I need – and my intuition proved to be right. It was a journey full of bliss, trust and a deep connection with all the wonderful women I was able to share this experience with. I’m deeply grateful for all the insights Laura offered us. She is such an inspiring women that really lives what she teaches. She set up an excellent program that leads you – step by step – to all kinds of topics relating to the feminine. It was a perfect mix of activities, exercises and deep talks. After this week, I feel more self-love and gratitude than ever before. Thanks to all those amazing sisters and to Laura for making this possible.”
Fabienne - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Sacred and Healing

“What a journey. Hours feeling like months. Not knowing what day it is anymore. Fully surrendering to the moment. I felt in my deep heart that I should take a leap of faith and sign up for the retreat and it changed me for the better. There is something special about ‘doing the work’ in Ibiza. Leaving the old me behind there, shedding the skins that no longer served me and coming back home relieved and more myself. When I walk the streets now I can feel a shift happened. I feel stronger and closer to my own feminine energy. The retreat was a stepping stone to a new chapter. Every woman is so amazingly beautiful in her own unique way and this retreat highlighted that once more. I saw the Light in every sister and it took my breath away. We women have so much to give to this world. Hope to see all these special souls soon again! Much love! “
Maartje - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

I feel so much more alive!

“I feel so blissed and grateful that by coincidence I ended up with Laura and her True Feminine Retreat Ibiza. She is an amazing facilitator who made it possible to connect me again with my female/sensual/sexy side. I feel so much more alive now! The connection with Laura and the other women was so powerful it really felt like true sisterhood.”
Patricia - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Loved it!

“This retreat.. I can’t put into words what it has meant to me.. It was so special, so magical. Laura practice what she preach, that’s obvious! Such an amazing, beautiful and radiant woman! If you’re doubting: just do it!! Book the retreat, you won’t regret it. It’s such a huge present to yourself. That’s what I felt during and after the retreat. And the power of women gathering is so amazing. Thank you Laura for all the beautiful things you taught us and the way you guide us through this process. And thanks to my sisters! I love you all “
Marloes - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Pure Love

“The week with Laura was purely magical. I came disconnected to myself – and today I am leaving totally connected to myself. Everything was just perfect – the house, the food, the women, the sessions, the atmosphere! I am truly thankful for this experience and I will never forget the time on magical Ibiza  If you are looking at this right now – you are already at the right place. You’ve done the first step! Jump into the unknown! You will LOVE it!”
Amelie - from Austria / True Feminine Retreat September 2021

Great private yoga sessions with Laura

“Laura, Thank you for your energy, your presence, your great voice that made these session one of the best yoga session I had in my life.”
Marcelle - from Switzerland / Private yoga

What a week – what a journey – what a treat!

“To come together in a circle of women, to feel safe and appreciated, to feel true sisterhood, to share fears, hopes, joy, insecurity and love was such a treat! I wish I could come back on a regular basis! Laura’s True Feminine retreat is a week full of exploration of the many faces and facets of the feminine. She will encourage you to embrace all of it with joy and ecstasy! You will soften and open your heart, you will grow tall and strong, you will feel wild and free and you will embrace your beauty and sensuality. All of this is accompanied by the most delicious, nurturing food created by amazing chef Abi Fox. What a week – what a journey – what a treat!”
Nina - from Switzerland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Back to my roots

“This retreat was mindblowing. I am different now because of this retreat. I am back in my femininity. Thanks Laura for that and for showing me all these new interventions to get closer to me and my body. When you do things that light you up and you move more in that direction, alignment happens. It becomes easier to trust that everythings is working for you. So grateful and excited for he next retreat.”
Mareike P. - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Rediscovered my essence and new ways of Being

“This retreat has been a true game changer with optimal guidance on a self discovery journey into the feminine essence. Through the journey we took both together and as individuals I have rediscovered my connection to the essence of the feminine. I have found myself again, coming from a place of love and connecting to a source to cocreate a life where everything is possible. I learned to listen to the answers that are already inside me. I have discovered pleasure and joy again that I long thought I had lost. I feel so much has shifted in one week, it really feels like a new me. Such an incredible gift. I am now ready to embark on a new journey, back to me. With many tools for new ways of being! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Laura. You are divine!”
Anouk - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Beautiful journey, sparkling eyes, feminine energy flowing

“WHAT a joy, WHAT a beautiful journey we made, individual and as a sister circle. After a week my eyes are still sparkling, feeling so blissed and my body so stress free and better balanced with the feminine energy flowing. The retreat gave me more than I expected, really overwhelming! Laura you are such a beautiful, inspirational and professional facilitator and beyond. Everything felt so natural. Great aspect is that we as participants were really taking care off and could fully live in the moment. Difficult to capture it in words, every day had highlights and some beautiful, goosebump moments. A few to summarize: the beautiful ceremonies, women circles, yoga, ecstatic dance, skinny dipping at sunrise at the beach, music which gave me goosebumps, the deep connection with all the beautiful, sparkling, likeminded sisters and so much more! All our emotions were seen and embraced. The delicious plant based food by Abi Fox was also a real treat and the intuitive massage of Sascha was a real highlight too. Staying at the treehouse (with good bed) on top of the hill along the trees and sunset every night was gorgeous and again such a gift which gave me a big smile everyday waking up there. For me this retreat became an important start of my journey for new changes in my life with practical tools to activate my feminine energy and I will always cherish this. Thank you Laura”
Ngadirah - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

What a gift to be a woman

“What a deep dive into who you truly are beyond all conditioning and limiting beliefs!
What an amazing experience it is to feel free within myself and comfortable in my own skin, together with all these beautiful woman!! Exploring our sensuality, sacred sexuality and the beauty of true sisterhood. This retreat made me realise what an amazing gift it is to be a Woman!!! Woww!! So grateful to be a part of this work and help as a Karma Yogi for the amazing beautiful soul-sister Laura Tabrizi on The Mountain-Ibiza.”
Kris - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

The best gift you could give to yourself!

“Laura’s True Feminine Retreat will take you on a journey of joy, self love, sisterhood, femininity, sensuality and way more. It might happen that you arrive as a shy, hurt, confused women and come back home as a new person fully embracing your feminine spirit, feeling alive and vibrant as well as proud of yourself, your dreams, the path you are taking and your true spirit. If you want to come back to your center, feel grounded and 100% true to yourself, this retreat is the best gift you could give to yourself. It will be tough, challenging, you’ll feel overwhelmed at times but after the whole week you’ll have tools to cope with life situations that will stay with you forever. And you will have so much fun as well! I will be forever grateful to Laura for creating a safe space to be truly myself, to be wild and loved and happy but also for bringing together a bunch of amazing wise women that I can now call my friends “
Martina - from Swizerland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Mindblowing, Magical and Transformative

Mindblowing, Magical and Transformative. That is how I would like to call my experience at the True Feminine Retreat. In our daily lives we speak about self love, self care and femininity. We think we know what these words mean, what it is, but do we truly feel and embrace this? This True feminine retreat let you actually discover and experience it all and let you feel deeply what these words of self love and femininity mean to and for you! I am so grateful that I took the step to join and to meet an amazing group of women. Laura is a caring, inspirational and talented woman. She has established an amazing program which gives you many insightful experiences. Very important she knows how to create a safe place and where there is room for each individual throughout the whole week. Nourishing food, beautiful location, beautiful rituals, music, nature… It is everything all together, it is the whole package, which will guarantee you an experience you will never forget and will provide you lessons for life! Don’t wait or hesitate, go for it! Every woman deserves this!
Marloes - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Life and mind changing experience!

“I’m beyond grateful for this wonderful and life-changing experience! If you have doubts if retreats with Laura are the right thing for you – stop thinking about and just book it. Promise you won’t regret it!”
Cansu - from Turkey / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Feeling wild, happy and free! A true gift for life.

“This retreat is not just a relaxing and lay at the pool retreat. It takes you on a journey with your femine self to explore on a deep and spiritual level. But you will not do this alone, Laura really makes sure the group feels like sisterhood where everyone feels safe to be vulnerable and gets the support needed. Through all the exersises, talks, music and more I feel more alive, happy, free and I am trusting my female energy more. I feel much more selflove and exited about life! An experience for life and you bring all tools back home. Besides this, Laura is so kind and inspiring. She is a strong feminine with a beautiful life energy around her. The food and the accomodation were also amazing!! A true gift for yourself.”
Enya - from Holland / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Fully connected to my feminine energy and softness

“It was a beautiful & mindblowing week on the magical island of Ibiza with Laura and an amazing group of women. Be prepared for many breakthroughs, happiness & laughter. Laura does some really deep work that most likely will shatter your (masculine) walls and leave you with a lot of self-discovery & insights, softness and the feeling of being more connected to your body and your feminine essence.”
Nicole - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

Nourishing, inspiring, self-loving and joyful week!

“The True Feminine Retreat was a gift to myself and will be a gift for every women saying Yes to herself. If you are ready and wish to explore your feminine side (in a mainly men dominated world) you will be going on deep journey. That’s what I have experienced during this nourishing, inspiring, self-loving and joyful week. I went on a journey, where I got to know myself better, coming closer to my inner essence, getting out of my comfort zone, pushing my boundaries, showing me vulnerable and feeling simply beautiful and more feminine. Laura is such an inspiring person and the people I got to know during this retreat will stay in my heart forever. So thank you everyone, who created this safe environment for me to open up and just being myself.”
Mareike - from Germany / True Feminine Retreat May 2021

For all the women feeling the call to nourish their feminine soul

“I joined Laura’s Nourishing the Feminine online course and little did I know of the journey it would take me on! I thought I was already connected to my feminine power, but the course taught me that there is just SO MUCH MORE to it than simply wearing feminine clothes, dancing and speaking in a soft tone lol. Feminine is not just nice and gentle, it can be raw, wild, fierce – just like the nature. I was really impressed by just how much knowledge Laura has and how passionate she is about women empowerment. My favorite part of the course were all the wonderful self-love rituals that we learned, such as the breast massage. Laura also created a safe space for a Yoni egg practice, something I had never tried before but what I will keep practicing from now on. We also had a wonderful energy in the calls with all the ladies from around the world, it felt like a sisterhood where we shared some really deep wounds but also our joys and wins. If you feel the call to dive deeper into your feminine side and connect with amazing ladies in a safe and warm space, I highly recommend Laura’s courses.”
Oona - from Finland / Online course for women

Surprisingly good

“I loved the yoni egg workshop with Laura. It surprised me how easy it is to work with the egg and all the benefits that comes with it it for me personally. It opened a new journey in my body awareness. laura explained it all very clearly and enthusiastic. Looking forward to the next one.”
Luciana - from Holland / Online Yoni Egg Workshop

Amazing! Wonderful! Touching!

“That´s how I would decribe my experiences with beautiful Laura. She brings to us not only a deeper understandig of what women are capable of, but also touches us both at our hearts and essence. I recently joined her online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’ and her workshop “Yoni Steaming”. The way Laura ist teaching is very touching, loving and caring. So don´t wait to long and sign up for one of her coming up events… ;)!.”
Anja - from Austria / Online course for women

Such a great gift to myself!

“If you get the chance to join the Nourish the Feminine course: DO IT!
I am a mother of two young children and gave it as a present to myself and if it was only the first lesson, it was already worth it. Such a great gift!
Laura is a soft, sensual, honest & funny teacher. She is so passionate about the Power of the Feminine, that it is contagious. During the course I’ve learned that out-of-your-comfortzone can feel natural, that everyone can tap from the Power of Femininity and I’ve learned to love my body more & more. And that feels sooo good.
During the course you learn to create your own routine, which helped me to integrate it into my life (and to benefit from it 🧡) To share this experience with other beautiful women, makes it even more special and powerful.”
Cecile - from Holland / Online course for women

 I feel more calm, at ease, peaceful

“I entered the 10 week online course Nourishing the Feminine part 1 and 2. If you feel the call to take the course, i highly recommend. I feel such strong connection to my body and if I lost it for a moment I now know so many ways to reconnect to my body. I feel much more calm, at ease, peaceful. We have learned such beautiful meditations and rituals that are so inspiring. Laura is a great teacher & healer and she really created a safe space for us to share and learn. Even through a screen we really connected in the group. She knows what she is talking about and she is real and honest. I am very gratefull that I had the oppurtunity to enter the course. It is such a great investment in yourself.”

Evelien - from Holland / Online course for women

Magical week in Paradise

“The New Year retreat with Laura and Wouter was a really magical experience. From the moment of arriving I was greeted with such love and open hearts. Days flowed by filled with inspiring and relaxing yoga, meditation, daily rituals and ceremony’s. We did so much in a week, and yet there was time to relax and enjoy the beautiful retreat villa with its glorious log fire! We sang, we danced, we shed what wasn’t needed, set intentions, visited sacred sites of Ibiza and took a new year’s dip in the sea! Laura and Wouter created a beautifully held space, the perfect way to start a new year! Highly recommended!!”

Michelle - from England / New Years retreat December 2020

Profound and empowering experience

“I decided to follow my heart and inner guidance and traveled to Ibiza (in the middle of a pandemic) to attend the New Year’s yoga retreat. I’m so grateful for Laura and Wouter for being an embodiment of what it truly means to live from the heart – and not giving up on organizing this retreat although all the odds were against it. It felt so special and meaningful to come together during these intense times and meet all the beautiful souls that felt the call to come to Ibiza at this time. The week ended up being a very profound experience to me and catapulted my spiritual journey to the next level. I feel more connected to my body than before and I have so much more trust in life. My biggest intention in this upcoming year is to be more open to receive and our dip in the cold ocean on a New Year’s Day was such a beautiful ritual to surrender, get a little uncomfortable while having full trust, and just let things come to you! “

Oona - from Finland / New Years retreat December 2020

Cracked open with a newfound trust in life and in myself

“I came to Ibiza with tears and a heavy heart. Now I feel more space in my heart. Cracked open with a newfound trust in life and in myself. It is difficult to describe what Laura’s True Feminine Retreat did fo me, but so much more then I could imagine. For me it was mainly about becoming visible. Litteraly. Putting myself out there. Getting naked. From clothes to a sarong to bathingsuit to bikini to monokini to my naked ass haha. I went through shame and insecurity. Acceptance of what is. Supported, seen, heard en touched by sisters. Without judgement. Honesty. Helping eachother heal and grow. Laughing, crying, sharing without fear of rejection. I feel like I’m in love. With myself. With life. Butterlies. I bought myself a beautiful ring on Ibiza. A promise to myself. Engaged to myself 🧡 I am worthy of standing in my full power. Awaken the fire within and choosing only Love. That is what Laura and this retreat gave me. “

Maxime - from Belgium

Wonderful, transformational, intense, magical and nourishing

“When we all thought it wouldn’t be possible, Laura and a small group of fantastic women made it happen against all odds: I had the most wonderful, transformational, intense, magical, crazy and nourishing week on Ibiza in a beautiful and very authentic hippy commune on top of a mountain. Thank you to all of those who were part of it! Dearest Laura, It was wonderful to see what an amazing, wise, strong, free, sensual, fun woman you have become (since I last came to one of your retreats three years ago) and to benefit from all of that. I love how you share your insights with other women without playing the teacher, without being superior, without using too many words, without taking yourself too seriously- simply by being your wonderful self and letting others be part of the wonderful world you have created for yourself on Ibiza. You have created a safe space and so many beautiful rituals, which help strong-minded women like me to just be, just feel and just be good to themselves. You do everything with so much love and exactly how you would want it for yourself. From the yoga, to the food, to the beautiful environment, to the people you surround us with, to the dancing and all the other great “exercises” (as I said there are more like rituals) you have thought of to help us to love and feel ourselves.
I am not saying it was all sunshine and pink clouds! It was intense, deep, sometimes even dark. The emotions that came up weren’t always easy to deal with. But you showed us that they are a part of us and that we have to acknowledge them and feel them, in order to get to a better place.

Thank you so much and just keep going exactly that way, I am sure there is so much more you have to offer when you continue to follow your heart and soul
Love, “

Joana - from Germany

Fulfilled with self love

“I was part of the True Feminine retreat and opened my eyes in different ways. The connection with my heart and body is stronger cause of the yoga, dancing and shaking. I feel more grounded and fulfilled with selflove and most of all it was so great to share this journey with amazing women, so thankfull for that! Laura is an amazing teacher and inspirator to get you in contact with your True Feminine, her love and sparkling personality makes this week unforgettable! Thank you sisters “

Romy - from Holland

Magical and very inspiring

“I did the True Feminine women retreat with Laura and 5 other beautiful women. It was adventurous, loving, intens, magical and very inspiring. Laura is very experienced and she will guide you through your own journey. I’m so glad I joined. I highly recommend it! “

Nadine - from Holland

I feel vibrant, sensual and feminine

“I did the Nourishing the Feminine online course with Laura. And i am very happy i have joined this. I feel more vibrant, sensual and woman! Although i always felt like it already… i am more aware and sensitive towards it now. The rituals and practices we have learned are now part of a weekly practice and i am happy to have learned these new practices. Laura as a facilitator is warm, open and energetic woman. She shines womanhood and she shines sisterhood. Although i found it a pity that we could not see each other in real live, she was still able to connect with us and to create connection between all of us. I am very thankful for this course. Thanks Laura! And i hope to come to Ibiza one day to join one of your retreats there. Much love “


I love the Yoni Egg Practice!

” When you would have said, two months ago that I would benefit from putting a yoni- egg in my vagina, I would not have believed you. But this course came on my path and I decided to jump into it. Laura takes you on this journey of the Yoni Egg Practice in a very natural, authentic way. I like it that she guides you step by step, tells you a lot of background information and teaches you many tools that you can implement in your own personal life. In the beginning I was curious and insecure about the yoni yoga. But Laura manages to make you feel comfortable in every step of het proces. You can’t go wrong when you get educated by her. We could all write our own story in our own way and in our own pace. And we could share this path with other women, which is so powerful and brings a lot of recognition. I can really really recommend her online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’! It brought me a deeper connection with myself, my body, my feelings, my senses and my sensuality. It made me rethink and appreciatie my femininity and really discover the power of it. It helped me cleanse hidden emotions and feel lighter and more free. It made me feel more grounded and centered. And it made me connect with my sexual energy, which gave me so much hunger and energy to live life! I’m so glad for this adventure and I am curious what it will bring me in the future. Looking forward to part 2. Can’t wait! “


Truly Nourishing

” I followed Laura’s online course nourishing the feminine. The name does not lie. I loved to connect with other women, share women stuff and experiences together and learn from eachother. For me a lot of the practices she shared were not new per sé, but it reminded me of all the things I can do to nourish my feminine soul and to do a practice of self love. For me the course helped me to deepen some of these practices like breast massage. Also it helped me look with Even more Love to my own body and to deeply connect to my feminine power in an instant. Thank you dear sister! “


Best investment I made

” The nourishing the feminine course from Laura was my second course with her through in the lockdown period and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have spent my time and money any better. Both courses have brought me so much fulfilment and knowledge in how to nourish and care for myself. There are really no words that can describe how wonderful these practices that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine have made me feel and enhanced my life in every single way.

I look forward to the time where I can meet her in person and do one of her retreats face-to-face. I’m going to miss the weekly gathering over zoom with her and the groups that I’ve been so fortunate to get to know. I feel that these two courses have been some of the best investments I’ve made in this period. I am so grateful and thankful that our paths crossed and that I was able to find these courses at this time. I continue to work on my daily practice using the tools that Laura has given me over our time together. Thank you so very much. “


Laura inspires!

“Suddenly this opportunity occured to follow an online course with Laura. I joined last minute and kissed both hands that I took this commitment! Laura took us on a journey of 6 weeks sharing, inspiring and doing yoga & meditation together. Every week we got a little homework. It helped me a lot to fit the tools into daily life. All the techniques, tips, tricks and tools she reached me gave me a feeling of power, confident and ready for the future. I felt more balanced, more grounded, happier, less rushed and less emotional. The whole course helped me to let go of my need to control everything. It supported me to surrender more, to just feel and listen to my body (instead of my head). It switched my mindset from being/ having a problem into ‘it is what it is and it’s ok like that’ and ‘I am ok because I am’. Great power!! Laura is wonderful! She inspires! She breaths yoga and lives her life the way she shows and teaches us. She is down to earth, loving, caring and relax. Even through screen you could feel her amazing vibes. Big thank you for everything Laura!! 
Elien - from Belgium


“I joined Laura for an absolute life changing, wonderful retreat over New Years and now just finished her first 6 week online course ‘from fear to freedom’. Both have helped me to connect with myself, find peace by just being and giving all that is around me and inside me space and let go of what is no longer serving me.
I’ve loved and still love all the connections with this community Laura created and be free to share and be open in a save, relaxt and family feel atmosphere.
The retreat was an experience that I will be always thankful for and cherish.

Whatever is going on in your life, you struggle with or don’t realize you might struggle with… Laura’s retreat or online courses will help you to find what you need when you need it as you find yourself letting go during this amazing journey. I’m so happy to have crossed your path and found your mountain Ibiza retreat when I did. “

Sascha - from Holland

Laura’s online course changed my life

” I enjoyed every moment of this course with Laura online during the pandemic. Everything she taught us really helped to process the amount of worry and stress I was dealing with at this time. The course helped me to see outside of myself and enabled me to connect with my body and my mind in a way that was clear, without judgement and full of love and appreciation. 

The clarity that this course brought me really helped me to change my life profoundly and bring in the little rituals and exercises that I could incorporate and compliment alongside my daily practice with ease and comfort. This course truly did bring a focussed light into my life at a time when it was needed. For this I am internally grateful and will be sure to continue taking part and working with the lessons Laura and the mountain Ibiza have brought me in my present and in the future. Thank you Aho.

Shaida - from England

I loved everything about this week!

“I chose the The Mountain-Ibiza for my new years retreat 2020. A very special time for me. As an experienced yogi I’m very picky with my teachers and yoga classes. I loved everything about this week, the inspiring themes of the classes, the surroundings, the meditations and ceremonies. Laura is quite innovative in her teaching style and her retreats suit both beginners and more experienced. Laura has a natural calm energy around her that makes everyone feel at home.”
Mathilda - from Sweden

A fantastic journey of self love

“I went with Laura to Ubud, Bali in February 2020. The week was well organized and full of women circles, sharings, (yin)yoga, meditation, amazing food and rituals. It was the perfect recipe for my inner work journey. Thank you so much Laura and I hope to see you in Ibiza next year for another retreat. Much love x!”

Inspiring and powerful inner journey

“With no previous experience with yoga, I was looking for deep relaxation. It was more than that. An inspiring and powerful inner journey and a great feeling of openness and connection to the other member of the group (very nice people!) and also to Ibiza’s natural environment. Laura enlightens the room with her simple presence and made everybody feeling home and comfortable. I loved her yoga classes as much as meditation. I can only recommend!”

 A real, honest and authentic retreat

“My friend and I found Laura’s amazing yoga retreat on the internet and booked it without knowing her. It definitely exceeded my expectations! Meditation and Yoga in the morning, lots of freetime to connect with yourself during the day, a diversified afternoon/evening program and lots of Laura’s personal passion and love, which makes her retreat unique. Laura has created a calm and beautiful oasis on the magical island of Ibiza for us. If you are looking for a retreat that offers you a real, honest and authentic time, you will not be sorry!”

Truly life changing

“Just back from the new years retreat. I learned so much about myself, about meditation and also about healthy food  in this retreat that I don’t know where to start. The mostly vegan food was amazing. Laura is a very kind and heart warming teacher she managed to create a peaceful athmosphere where everybody could be himself and feel free. We did yoga,  daily meditation, rituals, sharing circles and also excursions. The athmosphere was friendly also for beginners. For some attendants the week felt truly life changing. Thanks Laura for an amazing week.”

Give it space

Several firsts. My first yoga retreat. First real experience of meditation and reflection. And my first feeling of relaxation in 20 years from working in the City of London. Laura and team are experts. Giving the right level of guidance, yoga, meditation and care. Whilst always ensuring attendees had the ability to give their feelings enough space. Training one self to be present sounds easy but needs expert guidance and Mountain Yoga has it in spades. Most fulfilling week of my life. The group – at 18 – was big but still able to connect with all attendees. Highly recommended.


The most eye opening and heart opening week in Ibiza!

I am just back from the most eye opening and heart opening week in Ibiza with the magical Laura, and nourished with the most fantastic food from Abi the foodalchemistibiza. I expected a lot and my expectations were surpassed tenfold!
Just go, if something is telling you this might be the place for you, follow your heart and watch the magic unfold…….


A nourishing week full of beauty

I have very much enjoyed the New Years retreat! It was an amazing week filled with beautiful life lessons, nature hikes, delicious food, meditation & yoga in a stunning villa. Would highly recommend!


I am so peaceful, calm and happy!

I ve never experienced such a feeling after a vacation, I feel like I have a special aura around me, I am so peaceful, calm and happy! And this is since day 1! I was soooo worried that after hitting “normal life” again the magic of the Mountain Ibiza…


Feel like you are in Paradise!

Laura and Wouter are wonderful hosts. Beautiful, calm, very open and friendly, if there is anything you would like to ask for you can do it and they try to make it possible. They are both very great yoga teachers and teach you so much more than that! The place is very beautiful in the raw nature. You are really able to feel one with nature and find yourself. The yogalessons on the yogaplatform between the trees in the mild wind makes you feel being softly touched and the lessons itself are really great, not too difficult but very different every time. Also the meditation and spiritual lectures are wonderful soft and not over the top. I felt very safe and very happy. We did nature walks, silent day, rituals everyone felt comfortable with. The food was amazing. Just vegetarian. The houses are very simple, if you dont need the luxury of a private bath, (although there are some rooms with a bathroom), an aircondition, always electricity then you feel like you are in a Paradise. Thats how i felt! I can only highly recommend “The mountain Ibiza

Angelika Nolte

Such a warm, happy and spiritual overwhelming week

The week at Mountain ibiza was the best i could do for myself! I never expected such a warm, happy and spiritual overwhelming week to come to when I decided to go to the retreat this summer.”

It felt safe to life my life…

“BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WHEN YOU PROVE TO YOURSELF JUST HOW STRONG YOU ARE” So thank you beautiful Laura & Wouter for helping me, as I arrived a bit as a stranger feeling a bit uncertain about my situation. In the mountains it felt safe to life my life… AHO
Dominique van der Eecke

Very special, beautiful, transforming journey…

Feeling shining and very liberated after Laura’s Women retreat on Ibiza.  I went to Ibiza for one whole week. ALONE. Best decision this year!

For the first time in my life i joined a retreat; the Ibiza Women retreat (Back to the root of the feminine) at The Mountain Ibiza. And it was AMAZING. I slept at the best spot on the island; A back to basic finca (eco toilet, outside shower, sunpower and beautiful nature) on the top of a hill. NO internet, NO service, NO distraction. Just what i needed. And the food … oh Abi i miss your great food … It was a quit an intense week. It felt very very LIBERATING to laugh, cry, dance, meditate and LIVE to the fullest!  I can recommend it very very much! At new years Laura is organising a yoga retreat (mixed) … If right now you think: OH YES! I NEED THIS!!! go to her website for more information. Oh, and in February she is also organising a women retreat in BALI … GO if your ituition says a big YES right now, you won’t regret it! Laura takes you on a very special, beautiful, transforming, fun journey to you innerself.

Irene Hilhorst

Heaven on earth

“The true nature retreat May 2019 felt like coming home in nature. The Mountain is a spacious, quiet & magnificent spot that invites you to take time off from your busy life, to make time/space for yourself & to turn to the inside . The accommodation is beautiful & has all comfort that is needed. Wouter & Laura are the perfect hosts and make you feel very welcome. Starting the day with Wouter’s spiritual talk is heartwarming & inspiring, the breathing sessions & meditations did feel very healing. Laura’s yoga classes on the deck are amazing, challenging & in open air . Fire ceremony, silent day, partner yoga, Kirta & hikings to beautiful spots middle of nature did bring us closer to each other and especially closer to ourselves. Abi is serving delicious vegetarian food and is more than a cook, she really fits into the retreat and spoiled us with her energy and enthusiasm . I really feel grateful for this week in paradise <3
Katia Gobert

Once in a life time experience

“I feel very lucky that I had the privilege to join 2 retreats from the Mountain Ibiza. I had a really beautiful, magical, inspirational time in both. We went very deep. We laughed, cried, shared and especially in the Womens Yoga Retreat I felt empowered and connected with the other sisters. But we also reconnected deeply within ourself. About who we are and what our own heart desires. I loved the journey where Laura guides us in beautiful yoga, meditation, dance sessions and rituals. I think we all left the retreat as a more authentic and powerful selfs. Don’t forget the beautiful places we stayed and have seen in nature and the very jummy food prepared by chef Abby. I would recommend this to everyone, something you should once experienced in your lifetime.”
Merlinna Koerts

Peace and happiness on the mountain

“That was one amazing week full of yoga practice, meditation, good food, peace and quiet (no reception on the mountain!), beautiful nature, amazing trips and rituals. Laura took us all on a journey that I soon won’t forget, she welcomed us with lots of warmth and openness, took us to many special places and guided us to our deep inner self. A week full of sharing, femininity and just being.”
Anne Monne

Women Retreat – good choice!

“I first thought that one week of vacation is going to be more stressful than relaxing and I arrived with very mixed feelings. But when I left the retreat I felt that more than one week had passed, I was able to relax, connect with my feelings and simply enjoy the time to think and reflect. The food prepared by Abi was amazing and the activities we did as a group where all well aligned to the topic of femininity. In the end I can say that I fully enjoyed the retreat, regardless the bad weather that we had some days. Thank you Laura and thank you girls, for making this week so special!!”
Anna Samek

Het was echt super!

“Ik was afgelopen week bij Laura op de Finca in Ibiza voor de vrouwenretreat
Het was echt super! Laura is een absolute topper, leuke groep, lekker eten, goede yoga en meditatie met steeds wisselende thema’s, veel ongekende activiteiten tussendoor: Healing sound meditatie, Vrouwen cirkels op onverwachte locaties, ecstatic dancing, Spa, massage, Reiki, etc etc Kortom: het was een groot relax-feest en ben helemaal relaxed met goede herinneringen weer thuis. Ga zeker volgend jaar weer doen! Dank je Laura AHO
Madeleine Vogels

An experience for a lifetime

‘At a lovely place, surrounded by nature, back to basics, the Ibiza Women Retreat peels you like an onion, layer by layer, until you reach your deepest self.. where Laura beautifully guides you, with ceremonies, music and sounds, laughing and dancing. It is an experience for a lifetime and a very special journey. As the retreat cleared my head from all the clouds, I’m thankful for all the beautiful women with whom I joined this retreat’

Very special and inspiring week

‘What a blessing to do this retreat up in the mountains. The combination of the beautiful nature, accomodation, food and the lovely hosts Laura & Wouter made me feel completely recharged. The program was build really good and I really liked the day of silence. It was an very special and inspiring week for me. Thank you so much!’
Lotte Strooper

Happy our paths crossed

The True Nature Retreat May 2019 was my second retreat experience at the Mountain Ibiza with Laura and Wouter. The first time I joined the retreat in wintertime, and this time in sunny summer time. And again it was an amazing experience! The program, location and the food, everything together the whole package makes this week an amazing experience. No matter if you are a starter yogi or advanced yogi, the program is built up in such way all can join and that you never have a dull moment. The location on the mountain is very peaceful and beautiful which really helps you to disconnect from your daily live. And last but not least, the food is always very well taken care off. Super delicious healthy meals that are served makes the whole retreat package complete. Eating vegan is not boring at all, actually you will experience how well your body react to this and that it is super tasteful, real magic on your plate. Both Laura and Wouter are very loving and caring persons, who make you feel welcome at their retreat place. I am very happy that our paths have crossed, and definitely will come back another time”’

Een duik in jezelf

“Authentieke finca boven op een berg. Prachtige locatie midden in de natuur. Goed om even helemaal tot rust te komen. Vlakbij leuke strandjes en andere leuke bezienswaardigheden in het noorden. Ontbijt was heerlijk en biologisch, rekening gehouden met intoleranties (gluten, lactose,…) Heerlijk ontspannende (en hartverwarmende) yogales ‘s morgens. Meditatie bij Tom bijgeboekt. Top-ervaring! Een echte duik in jezelf en je emoties. Laura en Wouter zijn superlief en heel gastvrij!

Helemaal tot rust gekomen

“Ik heb vier dagen de yoga retreat gedaan bij The Mountain Ibiza en ben helemaal tot rust gekomen. En het eiland heeft echt al mijn verwachtingen overtroffen! Ik zou deze retreat echt aan iedereen aanraden! Het huisje ligt bovenop een berg midden in de natuur en is superschattig en draait helemaal op zonne-energie. De yogalessen worden gegeven op een supermooie plek tussen de carobebomen en zijn precies een goede balans tussen bewegen en ontspanning. Elke ochtend wordt er met veel liefde een heerlijk ontbijt gemaakt en in de namiddag een vuurtje gestookt om het huisje voor de nacht op te warmen. Laura en Wouter zijn superlief en behulpzaam. Ik vond het fijn dat het programma alleen sochtends was, waardoor ik in de middag het eiland met de auto kon verkennen. Ik heb tijdens mijn verblijf ook andere yoga gasten leren kennen waar ik veel mee ben opgetrokken; samen hebben we prachtige witte zandstrandjes met helderblauw water marktjes en restaurantjes bezocht. Ik kijk met een heel warm gevoel terug op deze vakantie, ik heb ervan genoten en ben van plan de retreat zeker nog eens te doen! Ik raad het aan voor iedereen die yoga wil combineren met mooie natuur, prachtige strandjes en lekker eten.
Tessa de Wit

Blissful Bali

“..die Tropische Luft, der Duft von Blühten, liebenswerte Menschen, eine harmonische Frauengruppe, wohltuende Massagen, gutes vegetarisches Essen, einfach nur göttlich.. willkommen in Bali Laura hat sich um jeden Einzelnen bemüht und um das Wohl aller gesorgt. Es war eine unvergessliche Reise zu sich selbst in einer wundervollen Frauengruppe, wo es einem nur gut gehen kann…einfach die Seele baumeln zu lassen, abschalten und den Alltag hinter sich zu lassen. Das Retreat war mit tollen Aktivitäten ausgeschmückt, welche man ohne Laura kaum finden kann. Es war sehr schön und würde es sofort wieder machen. Bettina -from Swiss
Bettina Meyer

Recommendation for every women!

“This February 2019 I treated myself to join “The Bali Bliss Women’s Yoga retreat”. For me it was something I wanted to do for a while but never found the perfect itinerary or doubted too much. When I saw the program for this week and read the idea behind this week I felt immediately that this would be my kind of retreat. I honestly can say that my feeling was so right and now when I got home for about 2 weeks I can recommend it to every women! It was such a beautiful and peaceful experience. The idea about the retreat was to really celebrate being a women and also take care and spoil ourselves. When do you ever get to do that and then a whole week!!? The spoiling was there every day: our nice house, the really really lovely food prepared by really nice balinese ladies but also massages, a traditional balinese ritual, lots of yoga and the women’s circle where we shared and listened to each other. Besides the spoiling we also really had a great atmosphere in the group, which was hosted by Laura! Laura made sure everybody felt at ease and because this we all felt like we could be ourselves. I met such lovely ladies from all over the world and we all connected. The program was made by Laura to make sure you could connect but also have your private time when you wanted. I don’t think this review could really sum up how great it was but it really was! I came home so full of excitement about this trip that I almost want to come to the next version again. Laura really put a great effort in creating this retreat and you feel that she knows how to be kind to ourselves and really take the time to love ourselves and nourish our body. It’s so important to do that once in a while, so don’t doubt and book the retreat!! It’s a combination of a great holiday to a great country with taking care of yourself but also free time to explore Ubud if you want to….. You could buy all the dresses or other nice things in the world but this is truly worth more and you can look back to a magical week in lovely Ubud with the best host Laura. Wish I could go back there now ;)! Love Leonie
Leonie de Vries

Living a magical worry free week!

This was my first yoga retreat which was called “Bali Bliss Women Yoga Retreat “and indeed it was!  Moreover, if I could sum it all in one word, I would choose the word “PERFECT”. One-week yoga retreat in Bali with Laura was just amazing. Each day was more enjoyable and more empowering than the day before with the many self-care activities (Mediation / Dancing / Yoga / Spa / Massage / Hiking / Water ritual) we have done. Laura really helps you connect deep within yourself and your femininity, live by the moment and love and cherish yourself; you will live a magical worry free week thinking only about the inspiring surroundings. The villa we stayed in was so wonderful and luxuries with a good location (10-15 mins by car to Ubud Centre). The healthy meals were absolutely yummy and nourishing. The part I liked most about the retreat (which I was a bit worried about before joining ) is the atmosphere we shared; we were more of yoga sisters than a yoga group or team (I guess I was lucky to be in a retreat filled with powerful beautiful ladies from all over the world ). After the week is done, I felt so shining, radiant, relaxed, loved, happy, and calm but most importantly I felt so light. This week will always have a special place in my heart and mind . Can’t wait for a woman retreat in Ibiza to join with beautiful Laura!!
Aliah from Kuwait

Deep dive into yourself, explore your femininity!

Laura designed her first Women’s Retreat on the mystical “Island of the Gods” – Bali – this year and I was fortunate to be a part of it. If you are looking to dive deep into yourself, explore your femininity, self-love, sorority and conditioning as awoman, this retreat is for you! Laura creates a beautiful space to share the ancient wisdom of the feminine, to spoil our senses, to reconnect to the heart and to face the resistance of the mind and the limits of the body. And she does this in a gentle way. She inspires me as a yoga teacher and as an authentic woman and mother. She taught me a lot. The retreat will bring many insights to those who remain open. I am very grateful to her for that. Namaste! Dara from Paris
Dara Phitthayaphone

Amazing and empowering Women Retreat

The best holiday ever! We had amazing week in beautiful Bali with seven women all over the world sharing magical moments together. Good yoga, beautiful Villa, delicious vegetarian food, liberating dance mediation, pampering massages, magical women circle etc. Laura is a glowing and loving teacher and host. Strong recommendation!

Magic Moments in Bali

The Bali Bliss Women’s Yoga retreat was such a beautiful experience in so many ways! The gorgeous villa, the pool, the beautifully designed space, the location and the deliciously healthy meals every day created such a luxurious stay and home base for us to explore the magical Ubud area. Laura created such a perfectly lovely schedule of shared activities that allowed us to get to know each other, Balinese culture and Ubud, to deepen our yoga and meditation practices, to explore new pampering and self-care rituals, as well as having the space to explore and be on our own. It was such a wonderful week getting to know such interesting, inspired and kind-hearted women from all over the world. You can be sure that any retreat lead by Laura will be one of authentic connection, relaxation, growth, laughs, magical moments and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

Wonderful start of the New Year

I attended the New Year Mountain Ibiza Retreat 2018/2019. I wanted time to focus inwards and take care of my body and the retreat gave me just what I needed and more. It was a perfect balance of Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, meditation, being in nature, delicious food and good company. The yoga practice was built up from more basic routines in the beginning to more technically advanced classes in the end, but with attendance to everybodies level and with assurance that were you are is just perfect. I particularly liked the partner yoga which was new to me and alot of fun. Laura and Wouter guided us through the week being lovingly present and at the same time professional and obviously experienced in what they do and feel passionate about. I will certainly recommend Moutain Ibiza retreats to anyone interested in yoga and inner work.

Soul cleaning yoga retreat

Although just a few weeks back home from my holidays at Ibiza I already long back to the very nice yoga retreat I followed at the Mountain. Wouter and Laura are such open welcoming people. I loved the days filled with different kinds of meditation & yoga, phylisophical lessons from Wouter, very nice vegan food and nice fellow participants. The whole atmosphere was relaxed. And the fact that in the afternoon we had approx 4/5 hours free time made me and others explore the (silent) beaches nearby. But also the ‘silent’ walk and some other excursions we did all together were really so nice and impressive that these will stay with me in memory and heart. I certainly will book such a retreat with them again. It is so valuable for your body and mind to get a ‘reset’ as they gave me during this retreat. Thanks again for a lovely heartwarming time !!
Anna Kathrine Ljøgodt

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