Discover your inner temple

The art of
Yoni Steaming

Discover your inner temple and honour your divine feminine nature through this powerful ritual.

With Yoni Steaming we restore the connection to our female body, especially with our feminine power portals the Yoni en Womb. It is a deeply nourishing practice that I feel every women should know about!

Ancient feminine practice

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni Steaming is an ancient feminine practice to purify the yoni and womb by using healing herbs and steam. For thousands of years this technique has been used in all kinds of different cultures and traditions: From Africa to China, Central/South America and also Europe. Also now in our current time Yoni steaming is still practiced by women all over the world.

Nowadays it is most popular as a post partum ritual. It helps to heal tearing after giving birth and to heal, tone and return the uterus to its original size. But more and more women now start to discover about this amazing priestess practice because it has so many benefits on all levels of our feminine well being; both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Yoni is a different word for vagina or vulva. It comes from Sanskrit an ancient language from India and means, Holy Temple. By using the word Yoni for our female genitalia we give it the meaning she deserves. After all, the Yoni is the sacred portal of all Creation, the bringer of Life, the magical portal which we all came from!

Our yoni has a self cleansing capacity which is amazing, but this can become distorted through our way of living. It often happens that toxins start to build up like old blood, tissue or toxic emotions like stress, tension and stagnation. With yoni steaming we can release everything that is not serving us and restore our health and balance.

Therefore yoni steaming is best to do just before your menstruation, so the uterus is open and relaxed to release and after your menstruation, to make sure nothing stays left behind and the whole yoni is completely purified.

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Yoni Steaming is an ancient feminine practice to purify the yoni and womb by using healing herbs and steam.

Yoni Steaming

How does it work?

  1. We use a handful of healing herbs, put them in a bowl and pour some hot water on top of it.
  2. Squad down over the pot or steam like a Queen and put your bowl in our Yoni Steam Throne and sit down.
  3. Cover the bowl or throne with your skirt or dress so no steam can escape.
  4. Let the gentle steam rise up into the vaginal canal. This feels super relaxing. Enjoy and let the steaming experience take you on a deep inner journey.
  5. My advice is to steam between 10-20 minutes. It enters your body directly through your yoni and penetrates to your uterus, pelvis, and even up through a deep central channel connecting to your heart. Afterwards you will feel better in your body and more connected to life.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

  • Deepens your connection to your feminine essence
  • Helps you feel relax and nourished
  • It is a moment of self care and self love
  • Connects you to your yoni, your feminine power source
  • Regulates irregular menstrual cycles and reduces painful periods and heavy bleeding.
  • Can help with fertility issues
  • Can help with bacterial infections
  • Eases menopause symptoms
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Can help if you are dealing with painful intercourse
  • Lubricates the yoni
  • Removes toxins from the body.
  • Can help you heals emotional or sexual trauma
  • Releases stored emotions
  • Raises your libido

“For many women, a yoni steam, is the perfect medicine and the 20 minutes of rest and me-time will show you just how much you are capable of truly honouring yourself.

Steam like a queen!

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I am so happy I can offer you our very own hand made Yoni Steam Throne! Personally I found it quite hard to really relax when squatting over a bowl. Painful knees and hips and difficult to keep it up longer then 5 minutes. I wanted to really enjoy this moment of self care so I asked my Beloved, who happens to be super handy and skilful, to build me a yoni steam chair so I could steam more comfortably. He created a beautiful Yoni Steam Throne for me which made yoni steaming so much more fun, relaxing and feminine. When I sit on the throne I really feel like a queen, giving myself and my yoni what it deserves, only the best! A beautiful act of honouring my feminine essence. The Yoni Steam Throne is build with a lot of eye for details and devotion for the sacred feminine. My Beloved poured all his love into this beautiful creation made from Ibiza pine wood.

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Yoni Worship by Wouter Smit

Ask a man what he loves most in this world and if he is honest, he will probably reply with one of the many names for her holy temple: the Yoni. We men cannot help it, but this part of the feminine body has such an irresistible pull on us, we are just drawn to it like mots to a flame.

Most of our undertakings are motivated to obtain and support her. I guess we are made like this, to maintain the species, we are simply wired to adore it. Just the thought of her, we feel shivers running along our spines. When she gets within our reach the fire in our bellies wakes up, our breath speeds up and our lingams begin to swell. And when our lingams are fortunate enough to merge with her, we have a chance to step onto a highway straight to God.

‘Can you build me a yoni steam stool?’, She asked me with a voice voice too sweet to refuse. ‘Of course baby!’, I replied and set off to the wood shop immediately to get some supplies. While she was instructing me, a moment later, about dimensions and shapes, different designs were flashing through my head. I finally decided to go with an arabic twist for my first edition of the yoni steam throne.

While in the process of measuring and cutting out the different pieces of wood for the stool, I felt I was slipping into the role of a devotee constructing a sacred temple for the most precious jewel in the world. With the utmost concentration I was montaging the pieces together, sanding the surfaces with increasingly finer grains of sandpaper, until the result was worthy for my beloved to steam her yoni on.

After receiving some more requests from my beloved’s direct circle of women and Priestess sisters, I’ve decided to continue building some more of these devotional yoni temples. May your yonis be happy and healthy! Let the work begin! “


The Yoni Steam Throne is build with a lot of eye for details and devotion for the sacred feminine.

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