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The Mountain Ibiza

Created from the Heart

Laura organises Women Retreats, Couple Retreats, women circles and private yoga classes on Ibiza for those who want to deeply relax, nourish themselves and remember their peaceful and joyful nature.

Take a break from your day to day life and nourish your body, heart and soul with The Mountain Ibiza.

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Self Love Practice

In this very special ritual, I will guide you to honour the radiant and beautiful woman that you are. Every woman deserves to feel like a Goddess and you are so worthy of taking this time to nourish yourself. This Self Love Massage is just 15 minutes and will make your day! It is one of my favourite rituals, so I am really happy to share it and to remind you that you are your own best lover.

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Self-paced online course

Nourishing the Feminine

My 6-week self-paced online course filled with practical wisdom that will guide you to nourish your femininity and reclaim your Divine Feminine essence. Every woman deserves to feel radiant, alive and beautiful. Are you ready to say YES to yourself? Enroll in my course today and fill your self up with all the self care and self love your deserve!

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7-13 September 2024

True Feminine Retreat

Discover your Divine Feminine essence during my women retreat on magical Ibiza! During this week you will learn to love and embrace all aspects of your self and create a strong sisterhood with like hearted women. You will go home feeling deeply nourished and empowered! 

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The Mountain Retreats

Discover your Divine Feminine Nature

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Laura is the goddess of feminine power! She is such an inspiring woman! The new way of living I have learned this retreat and being rooted in my feminine energy now, helps me so much in my daily life. Thank you for this magical week Laura!

〜 Mandy

An unforgettable and life enhancing experience that every woman should gift herself. Laura is a truly devotional space holder and her programme is created with such nourishing intention, you can safely surrender to the magic that unfolds. If your intuition is calling you here, I would urge you to listen.”

〜 Rae

“I came to the retreat burned out and disconnected to myself and my body. Meeting Laura gave me the feeling that I was at the right place to reconnect. I could feel her magical aura from the very first beginning. Laura really made every session special and was the perfect teacher because she is so authentic and truly lives what she teaches. What I learned about feminine power and sisterhood changed my perspective on many things in my life. The whole sourrounding was just perfect – the villa, the food, everything. I could really reconnected with myself again. This retreat will be in my heart forever.”

〜 Pia

The True Feminine Retreat is a must for all the women out there and especially for the ones who lost their connection to their feminine side in the modern masculine lifestyle. I came to the retreat with ‘feminine burnout’ and left with ‘feminine charged power’ after the support of Laura and my soul sisters in the one week retreat. I definitely look forward to do more retreats with Laura in the future.

〜 Munirah

I feel so blissed and grateful that by coincidence I ended up with Laura and her True Feminine Retreat Ibiza. She is an amazing facilitator who made it possible to connect me again with my female/sensual/sexy side. I feel so much more alive now! The connection with Laura and the other women was so powerful it really felt like true sisterhood.”

〜 Patricia


Nourish your body, heart and soul with The Mountain Ibiza.

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