Rediscovering myself

At the moment I am rediscovering myself on all sorts of levels.One of them is Motherhood. Where I was actually scared to death to do it alone after my break up, I now experience mothering as one of the most nourishing elements in my life. After some unstable months and lots of processing I finally found my grounding again and see the responsibility I have as a Mother. I realised more then ever that I am my daughters greatest example and that if I am happy she is happy. So time to rise again! Rising more and more into Love. To me Most important of all is that she feels safe and loved. To not repeat patterns of the past.

Finally landing in Motherhood

It is like for the first time since I became a mother I can truly 100% be there for here now, transmit a lot of Love and Laughter and fully rest in the fact that I am a mother. I know this maybe sounds a bit strange. Of course I have always loved her and been there for her from the start. But I see that something shifted in our energy together since I started to feel more Whole and complete within myself. Not depending on Love anymore from the outside (let’s say from a man) and connecting more and more with the Love that comes from inside. This is so beautiful to witness!! She reflects this Love back to me with her radiant smile, at least 100 kisses and cuddles a day and holding me tightly at night when we sleep πŸ₯°

I love to share more about rediscovering myself as a Women and rediscovering myself in my Work too. But I save that for another post. Stay tuned!