Bali Bliss Women Yoga Retreat February 2020

It is still possible to join my most favourite retreat that I host in 2020! The one were we are shamelessly gonna indulge and enjoy ourselves on mystical Bali Are you ready to step into your Womanhood and embark on this blissful life changing journey with me?

The Bali Bliss Women Retreat is all about celebrating you as you are. I invite you for a week of sweet surrender to the bliss and beauty that is your true nature. Rediscover your divine essence and get in touch with the ancient wisdom of the feminine on mystical Bali. With great care I have designed a beautiful program for you to empower yourself to your full potential.

For me there is no island more Feminine and soothing for the body and soul than Bali. Take that well deserved break beautiful sister!

After this retreat you will:

– Feel rested, renewed and recharged.
– Know yourself beyond the daily roles you play and conditioning.
– Be more authentic, more you.
– Feel at ease with yourself and Love yourself unconditionally.
– Have full trust in your true Self and in Life.
– Be ready to follow your Heart and let nothing stop you.
– Feel more feminine, more soft, sensual and wild
– Feel liberated from anything that held you back and kept you small
– Feel that your heart and soul are nourished
– Shine bright and feel radiantly alive!

Feeling a YES for this? Contact me and book your spot.