Ibiza retreat

True Feminine Retreat Ibiza

Special Edition

18-24 May 2024

The Mountain Ibiza

Reclaim your Sacred Sexuality

Are you ready for the next level of feminine embodiment?

In this special edition of the True Feminine Retreat we take it a step further, by diving deeper into our sacred sexuality.

Our sexual energy is our life force! If we want to feel connected and alive we have to embrace our sexual nature.

In this retreat you free your self from all the shame, stories and patriarchal conditioning around sexuality and come back to your natural state of sensuality.

By returning to your erotic innocence you activate your magnetism and restore your true power!

Feel, Move, Allow, Enjoy, Be Ecstatic!

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What to expect?

If you have joined my True Feminine Retreat – Part 1 you probably have felt a lot of shifts and changes happening in your self and in your life. This is only the beginning!

There is still so much more to discover!

More pleasure, more joy, more wisdom, more love, more aliveness!

Whether you have already done a retreat with me or not, all women who seek more confidence and fulfillment in their sexuality are welcome to join this retreat.

It is my absolute pleasure to guide you further and deeper on this path of feminine awakening, self love and sisterhood.

Your Divine Feminine Nature

During this special edition of the True Feminine Retreat I take you on a deeply transformative, sacred and nourishing journey again to remember and reclaim our Divine Feminine Nature.

By awakening our Shakti and strengthening our relationship with our Yoni we unlock our deepest wisdom and power.

We will dive into into self-love practices, shadow work, Sacred Sexuality, the Wild Woman and Sacred Slut archetype and I will initiate you into my most favourite feminine empowerment practice; the Jade Egg Practice.

This week will be out of your comfort zone, edgy, wild, intens, powerful, healing, nourishing and fun!

In this week I want to give you a direct experience of what it means to live a fully turned on, Orgasmic Life!

But most important, you are taking home with you many valuable tools to implement into your daily life, so that from now on all of your days become delicious with or without a partner 🙂

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“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

Retreat Ibiza

For who is this Women Retreat

This retreat is for all women who want to (re)discover their innate wisdom, sensuality, sexuality, natural beauty and radiance. Women who want to live life to its fullest potential. Women who want to break with the chains of society and life long conditioning and are ready to be free. Free to express themselves in this world in their most pure and authentic way. Women who know it is time to meet our own needs and celebrate who we are. Women who want to reclaim their pleasure and life a delicious orgasmic Life!

Dive deep within your sacred femininity with me and experience how it is to feel radianlty alive! There is a creative force in all of us, longing to be expressed. Let this inner power be revealed to you and invite creativity, pleasure, juice and joy back into your life.


  • Wild Woman Activation
  • Shadow work
  • Self Love rituals
  • Sacred Temple Healing
  • Jade Egg Initiation and Healing Practices
  • Meditation and Breathwork
  • Sacred Slut Ceremony
  • Honouring the Goddess
  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals
  • Experiencing True Sisterhood
  • Authentic sharing circles
  • Sleeping in Luxury villa
  • Visiting Tanits Cave
  • Excursion to magical nature spot
  • Reclaiming your pleasure
  • Free time to enjoy this paradise

“Feel free, alive and ecstatic”

True Feminine Retreat Ibiza

Location Retreat – May 2024

The True Feminine Retreat PART 2 on Ibiza takes place in a beautifully renovated finca located on a rural plot of 100,000 sqm on the road to San Mateo, just 2 km from the picturesque village of Santa Gertrudis, one of the most popular gathering places of the island and about 10 km from Ibiza city.

The space, tranquility, stunning views and breathtaking sunrises will instantly seduce you. The place has several hang out terraces, lots of privacy, a swimming pool with sun-beds and charming outdoor yoga deck. Most bedrooms have a bathroom ensuite, some have a bathroom just outside the room. There is only 2 private room options available.

  • Small Shared room with Shared Bathroom, price p.p €1888
  • Shared Twin Room with ensuite bathroom, price p.p €1999
  • Private Room with ensuite bathroom, price p.p €2555

It is about 20 minutes drive from Ibiza Airport to the retreat venue. It is recommended to rent a car for the week, if you want to feel free to move around and discover more of the island.  It would be great if you can team up with other participants and rent a car together to get to the house.

Looking forward to see you here in Ibiza paradise!

  • Check-in Saturday 18 May from 18.00 
  • Check-out Friday 24 May around 10.00

Daily Schedule

  • Morning Activation
  • Breakfast
  • Woman Circle
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Excursion or Ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Sharing or Ritual

Retreat Price

Price from

€ 1888

p.p. shared room

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  • 6 nights accommodation
  • vegetarian healthy meals
  • water/tea and small snacks
  • yoga & meditation
  • initiation into Yoni Egg Practice
  • life changing rituals
  • empowering women circles
  • visiting sacred sites

Not included: international flight, visa’s, transport, massages

CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of cancellation before April 1st 2024, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee. After April 1st 2024 there will be no refunds. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.


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I had no clue whatsoever how Laura would take things further than what we already shared as sisters during part I, but o boy (I mean sister!) she did definitely take things further!!! The retreat was mind blowing again and I was so amazed by Laura’s ability to very gently and respectfully, but strong at the same time, guide us through these very intimate moments and experiences. I now have access to so much more tools to let my life force energies flow!

〜 Marielle

I’ve been fortunate to do both part 1 and part 2 of the True Feminine journeys… and these experiences have had such a huge impact on my life. Part 2 has been especially powerful for me. I felt I was given full permission to express my authentic self – through sharing, embodiment, ceremony, movement. In darkness and light, all of me was welcomed and seen and held and loved.

〜 Rae

Laura is an incredible facilitator and a true artist of this work. She is loving and soft while also strong and fiercely inspires you to liberate yourself, to fully dive in to this experience and reclaim your power as a sensual woman. I’m so grateful to her devotion to this work and the space she has created.

〜 Karen


Every women deserves to remember who she truly is. Lets return to our erotic innocence and live a delicious Orgasmic Life!

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