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Back to Nature Men Retreat

13-17 March 2024

The Mountain Ibiza

Step into your power

Dear man,

The fact that you are reading this most likely means that you are looking for ways to deepen the meaning of being a man in this day and age. 

It might very well be that living in this society with all its contradicting and distorted versions of manhood, left you in doubt about who you are as a man and how to live in accordance with your masculine nature.

First off, you are not alone in this; many men nowadays struggle to find their power, their direction in life and their empowered visions about themselves. 

The good news is that being a man comes very natural to us, when left unhindered it will naturally and effortlessly pour itself into your life and actions. 

The bad news however is that years of anti-masculine programming has formed a wall of noise around our essence which has a very crippling effect on the pure masculine energy that wants to come through.

This retreat is for those men who want to know the power of their masculine essence first hand, through their own direct experience and for that purpose are willing to do the work necessary to peal off the layers upon layers of false societal conditioning.

This retreat will not be a comfortable holiday. 

Comfort means that you have resigned to a status quo, it means that you are fine in your little adopted puddle of the known, that was handed to you by others.

In this retreat we will scrutinise the puddle and in seeing it for what it is we will be able to move beyond it into vaster realms of more empowerment and beauty.

The masculine energy is always pushing for new horizons, it is continuous effort, focus and drive. 

Resistances and blockages will be met with curiosity, courage and endurance and thusly will surely make way for understanding and inspiration.

During this retreat we heal our connections with out mother and father, in order to free up inner space to more fully embody the pure masculine energy.

This retreat can be seen as an initiation into manhood. 

Back in the days when we were living in tribes, closely connected to nature, it was common practice for boys to be initiated into manhood.

These initiations induced a profound and radical shift in the awareness of the participant.

The initiation practices where designed to kill the boy and make space for the man to rise from his ashes.

 Are you ready?

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What to expect?

Expect the unexpected! 

For the power of the experience it is important that your mind will not run away with what will happen before time.

For this reason I will not disclose any specifics about the practices we will be doing during our time together.

What I can disclose however about the practices is that we will work a lot with our bodies and our breath. 

There will be sharing circles and opportunities to communicate what is alive in you. You will be surrounded by the beautiful nature of Ibiza. Together we will manage our basic needs.

Expect being triggered, expect being challenged, expect surprising yourself, expect brotherhood and loving support, expect beauty, expect a safe container to explore, expect feeling alive, expect strength and power, expect resistance, expect awe, expect the whole scala of human emotions, expect feeling yourself a part of something significant, expect transformation, expect peace.

But don’t wait for any of these things, if they come just be ready to fully meet them and hold your ground, that will be quite enough. 

For who is this retreat?

This retreat is for those men who feel the urge to connect more with nature outside and inside themselves.

For those men who want to know their masculine essence more intimately and who feel ready to empower themselves.

For those men who want to say “YES” to their human being as a man, something which can only be fully discovered in contact with other men.

For those men who want to discover their full potential and live an empowered life based on their values and in connection with their souls.

Those rare men who cannot stand to continue into the same direction any longer, who feel there is more to being a man than fitting seamlessly into an increasingly sicker society, are especially welcome!

This retreat is not for spiritual tourists; one foot in won’t be enough to gain any lasting benefits from this retreat.

Upon reaching out to us I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. I do this for two reasons. Firstly it allows me to learn about your individual motivation and health condition.  And secondly it will allow you already to get connected with what is alive in you. By spending time with these questions and feeling what it sets off in you, you are already entering the energy field of this retreat.

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  • Being instead of doing
  • Connecting with what is alive in you
  • Connecting with your true self
  • Strengthening and purifying yoga sessions
  • Music and self-expression 
  • Empowering men circles
  • Meditation and breath work
  • Healthy wood stove food
  • True brotherhood
  • Exploration of masculine archetypes
  • Wim Hof Style ice baths
  • Authentic sharing circles
  • Connecting back to the simplicity of life
  • Ceremonies and transformational rituals
  • Nature hikes and swims
  • Making friends for life
  • And much, much more

Wouter Smit

About your host Wouter Smit

I moved to live on Ibiza in august of 2012, after it was made sufficiently clear to me that my days in the big city were drawing to an end. Living a simple life in closer contact with the cycles of nature did me a world of good. 

Before I left Amsterdam, I was teaching yoga and meditation classes for 5 years. I continued doing that on the magical island and after a year or so I joined forces with the beautiful Laura Tabrizi and we created our yoga retreat platform: The Mountain Ibiza. She became my mistress, my girlfriend, the mother of my childr and after many ups and down, break ups and reunions, she agreed to become my wife.

Laura discovered the ancient practices of feminine empowerment and that inspired me to man up and step more into my masculine power. We discovered that the many triggers that used to drive us apart were actually just a few continuously looping. That simple recognition reduced their force considerably and made us curious to explore and heal the trauma underlying those triggers. After a lot of trying, sharing, listening and healing, joined by the combined desire for truth and the termination of bullshit, we reached the undercurrents of love that are always flowing. Now we felt confident to share this knowledge with other couples and we created our Sacred Couple Retreat.

From these couple retreats the wish was expressed by several inspired men to create a men’s retreat. For they knew in their hearts that they too wanted to keep up with their women and stand by their sides as equals. Their wish resonated deeply with me and I’m honoured to be able offer these retreats now. In these men retreats more than 20 years of personal spiritual work come together creating a balanced blend of yoga, breath work, systemic work, shamanism and a profound love for the nature within and without us.

So feel welcome brother! Trust me to create a save space for you to deeply unwind, face your shadows, heal your wounds and rise into the masculine power that is your birthright!

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“Step into your Truth, Authenticity, Vunerability and Power”

Men Retreat Ibiza

Location – March 24

During the period of our retreat we will make camp on the private land of an old farmhouse located in the natural North of magical ibiza. (Near Cala San Vicente)

We are surrounded by fields and forests leading all the way down to the deserted rocky coastline of the North, a true natural playground, wild and beautiful, reflecting our masculine soul. 

The amenities available reflect the essence of our back to nature retreat. There will be solar power available to charge your electrical toothbrush and your phone (if you need to stay connected to your work or family). There is no wifi and hardly any cell phone connectivity on the premises, creating an excellent opportunity for a digital detox. A 200 meter walk will allow you to get back online if necessary. There will be running fresh water to refresh yourself but don’t expect any luxury.

Let me welcome you to one of the most powerfully transformational islands of the world: Ibiza!

  • Price based upon bringing your own private tent and sleeping gear € 777
  • Price based upon renting a private tent and sleeping gear on location € 888

It is recommended to rent a car for the week, possibly together with some other men. Car rents in October are cheap (check doyouspain.es), most likely cheaper than back and forward to the venue by taxi! (+/- €45,-)

  • Check in Wednesday 4th of October from 16.00
  • Check out Sunday 8th of October at 12:00

Spending some extra days on the island after the retreat to integrate the experiences is highly recommended!

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Daily Schedule

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Men Circle
  • Lunch
  • Excursion or Ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Sharing

Retreat Price

Moving beyond fear. Stretch your limits. Find your life’s purpose.


Price from

€ 777

*with your own tent and sleeping gear

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  • 4 nights camping in nature
  • clean healthy food
  • water/tea and small snacks
  • full program
  • life changing experience

To summarize my journey, I found myself, being empowered and most importantly learned how to be become a better man, better person, better father, better husband. I highly recommend to take this opportunity and experience something still words can’t express. Special thanks to Wouty, a long life brother who demonstrated and presented the best tools wisely.

〜 Zakarya | Germany

Perfect to forget about daily live, no phone reception, simply quality time with men. We went for hikes, did challenges such as ice baths or cliff jumping. Every morning we started with meditation, breathwork & yoga. I never felt so grounded in my life. We discussed male archetypes and supported each other in dealing with childhood traumas and triggers which cause us to respond to things in a way we don’t want to respond to. I left the retreat empowered, but also grounded and closer to myself as a being.

〜 Ari | Germany

I have a very demanding corporate job and have always wondered why certain things trigger me or why I always seek to outperform others which causes me stress. It was so refreshing to talk with Wouter about this. He is such a clean-hearted soul and fantastic listener – his calming energy really grounded me and I took away a lot from the wisdom he shared from his own experiences.

〜 Ray

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