Beautiful sisters, on Thursday August 13, I start again with my 5 week online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’.
I invite all women who want to feel more connected to themselves and feel ready to step into their feminine power and radiance.
In this online program I offer guidance and practices that help you remember your Feminine Essence and Nourish your Feminine Soul.
We will dive into deep practices that completely changed my life for the better. And I am 100% confident they will do the same for you.
I introduce you into Sensual Yoga, Breast Massage, Sacred Purification Rituals, Authentic Sharing Circles AND the magical Yoni Egg Practice. An ancient Taoist practice that will help you to reconnect with your sensual and sexual nature, harmonise your emotions, reduces pms and menopause symptoms and heal you from traumatic sexual experiences.
My mission is to guide you back to your joyful, radiant, vital nature. Bringing you Home in your Body and help you remember the Beautiful Powerful Woman that you Are.
If you feel called to join, send me a PM
With Love,