When I first heard about it about 5 years ago, I immediately got very curious. “A crystal gemstone shaped in the form of an egg that you put in your vagina? Ok 🤔. And that helps you to activate your sexual energy, connect deeper with your feminine power and is supporting your physical, emotional and spiritual healing? Wow really, tell me more please 🤗!”

It took me a few more years until I actually felt ready for it and bought one. If I had known then what I know now I would not have wait another day haha. But things like this have their own timing. And you will know when you are ready for it.

When I used my yoni egg for the first time 2,5 years ago it was like my whole body screamed: FINALLY, This is what I have been waiting for, what took you so long! My yoni (which btw means ‘sacred temple’ and is another word for vagina) never had felt so alive!

Using the egg felt extremely special, like I was being introduced into something very sacred. I couldn’t believe how much power this stone egg had. Just by doing some simple exercises I noticed how my whole pelvic area was activated and filled with pleasure. It made me realise that I was not yet fully connected with this part of my body and that there was still so much more to discover about my sensuality, sexuality and my femininity. I got really excited about it and fell deeply in love with the practice.

It is said that this ancient Taoist practice from China was kept secret for the ‘normal’ people because of its immense power. Back then it was only known by members of the royal family and used by the Empresses of that time. They didn’t want this power to be misused so they kept this knowledge to themselves. Already then the yoni egg practice was used for improving physical and spiritual health of a woman. Nowadays every woman can learn these sacred rituals and enrich her life trough it. Isn’t that amazing!?

The Yoni Egg practice has so much positive effect on my life so far. One of the most important ones is that I feel more connected to myself and my sexu@lity. I discovered different levels of pleasure and learned to get to know myself better from the inside out. It really helps me to feel calm, centered and grounded. I am reclaiming my feminine power trough it. And there are so much more benefits. It is truly a magical tool!

I feel a lot of excitement to share more about it. But I also feel it is a topic that we don’t easily talk about, because of shame and taboes. And I would actually love to change that! What is there more natural then our sexuality right?

Maybe you too feel called by the Yoni Egg Practice and can not wait to learn more about this ancient ritual! But something has been holding you back till now.

Soon I will start an online course called ‘Nourishing the Feminine’ which is a 5-week program in which I give an introduction into the Yoni Egg practice, besides many other practices that nourish the Feminine Soul. So if you feel ready to dive deeper into your Feminine power this course is for you!

Send me a message for more info.

With Love,