‘Nourishing the Feminine’

A 5-week program by The Mountain Ibiza especially for women in which I share my secrets about how to nourish your feminine soul and awaken the radiant and powerful woman that you are.

After Yoga and Meditation, connecting to my Femininity was the next step on my path. Even though I felt my consciousness was awake after 10 years of Yoga and Meditation, I knew something was still missing…
Yes, I know what is my True Nature, I know what I am in essence, but I am here on Earth in this body. How to feel home in this woman body and truly be my authentic self and share my gifts with the world?

Maybe you relate and feel the same?

Awakening my Feminine essence showed me how to live an embodied life, a full life, a life of wholeness in the present moment. Seeing my body as a vehicle through which the entire human being experience and my relationship to life can be explored. Transforming feelings as shame, unworthiness, insecurity, unsafety and fear.

In this new online course I introduce you into very powerful feminine practices like Sensual Yoga, Yoni Egg Practice, and Breast massage and share lots of other Women wisdom. You will receive very practical tools to live an embodied live, a live of Love. Your feminine soul will feel so grateful, happy and nourished!

Stepping into our soft feminine power and shining our light in this world is what is needed now. Maybe it feels a bit scary still to take this step, but I promise you that it is a very safe space I create to explore your femininity. If you feel the call to awaken the Feminine part of your Being, I can not wait to welcome you on the course!

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