Womb wisdom

The wild voice of the womb within asks us to:


Slow down and savor and enjoy every moment of our life.

Drop beneath the thinking mind into the feeling body.

Tune in and listen to the voice of wisdom in the womb.

Trust our instincts and intuitions not the opinions of others.

Spend time in nature, in silence, in meditation and rest.

Heal through wild sensual pleasure and sacred touch.

Awaken our creativity in harmony with our soul desires.

Speak our truth even when it makes others uncomfortable.

Feel deep reverence for all of life and to honor each other.

Know the beauty and power of our erotic sexual innocence.


From ‘Sacred Womb Rituals by Azra and Seren Bertrand’

This is so important right now. We need to keep our vibrations high people!

All these things listed above have become very natural to me and are how I live my life. We will work on all this aspects in my upcoming online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’ – Starting Friday June 19! For more info contact me.