The Cyclical Nature of Women

Ever wondered why you sometimes feel very outgoing, full of energy and radiant?
And at other times just want to be alone, feel very quiet and low in energy?

All of my life I always wanted just the ‘Highs’ and hated the ‘Lows’. Until I started to understand that my nature is cyclical. Ups and downs in energy are normal and part of Life. Fighting against these cycles was just causing me suffering.

Both men and women move trough different cycles that are connected to the moon and seasons. But especially women go trough very clear cycles every month, which is of course connected to our menstrual cycle. Once we become more aware of all these cycles live makes so much more sense.

We have a rhythm, a natural rhythm. But for many of us this rhythm is disturbed and blocked because of life long conditioning and programming. We live in a linear world in which we strive for certain goals.

But what if there is no where to go and no one to be? What if we need to ‘unlearn’ now and get back in touch with the natural wisdom of our bodies and being? And that what we have been looking for is what we already are?

When we start to surrender ourselves to this natural flow of life, life becomes effortless and meaningful.

For example, there are days during the month that I don’t feel very inspired. If I try to write something for my work and push myself to create something during that time I just feel frustrated and tired. And whatever comes out of that, will not be very attractive. Now I know when I dont feel inspired it is just not the right time to create for me. Probably I am in the week before my Moon (menstruation) time or already bleeding.

When I am in my Moon time I feel more drawn inwards and prefer to be left alone during this time. What my body naturally asks for then is to rest. When I don’t listen to that calling, I get super cranky towards my surrounding, feel depleted, frustrated or sad.

When I do honour my needs during this cycle and surrender to the natural flow, my moon time becomes less heavy and something very powerful. Not something to hate. It is a magical time of contemplation and rest. During this time us women are most receptive and can dive very deep within ourselves. The deep insights that we receive about ourselves/life/work can later be put into action.

On the other hand, when I am moving towards my ovulation I naturally feel more vibrant, sexy and inspired. It is the time that we are fertile and most attractive. It is then that I feel is a good time to meet other people, celebrate, dance, make decisions and expose myself to the world.

When I step on a dance floor during my ovulation I can feel almost every man drawn to my energy because I am simply magnetic and SHINE. So this part of my cycle I use to get what I want, business wise, love wise and life wise 😉.

It is important to know that we are constantly changing and shifting. Try not to hold on to just the highs. There is a great wisdom in our cycles and when we get attuned to them and embrace them our lives flow effortlessly with the rhythm of nature. Then you will feel more aligned, more peaceful and happy.

There is a lot to share about the cyclical nature of a woman. It is so fascinating! I will share more about this in my upcoming online program ‘Nourishing the Feminine’ that starts Friday June 12.

If you feel called to join this 5-week online program filled with Women Wisdom that nourishes your Feminine Soul, send me a PM.