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Nourishing the Feminine – my Online course

yoni egg

Beautiful sisters, on Thursday August 13, I start again with my 5 week online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’. I invite all women who want to feel more connected to themselves and feel ready to step into their feminine power and radiance. In this online program I offer guidance and practices that help you remember your…

The Wild Womb

Womb wisdom The wild voice of the womb within asks us to:   Slow down and savor and enjoy every moment of our life. Drop beneath the thinking mind into the feeling body. Tune in and listen to the voice of wisdom in the womb. Trust our instincts and intuitions not the opinions of others….

Cycles of a Woman

The Cyclical Nature of Women Ever wondered why you sometimes feel very outgoing, full of energy and radiant? And at other times just want to be alone, feel very quiet and low in energy? All of my life I always wanted just the ‘Highs’ and hated the ‘Lows’. Until I started to understand that my…