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Choose Love over Fear

The world around us is changing fast these days. Restrictions are pouring down on us from our governments in ever increasing quantities. ‘Fear this, fear that, do this and, for the love of God and your fellow man, absolutely don’t do that!’ seems to be the mantra of the public world these days. How can […]

Be Yourself. Reclaim your power!

It is so great to experience when insecurities about yourself, shame and fear for rejection are no longer part of you. It’s such a relieve to just be YOUrself!!! It’s so joyful to step into your Power and fully embrace your authentic Beauty 🌺 For many years I also have been numbed down by insecurities. […]

Beauty & Bliss on Bali

WoW, what an amazing 2,5 weeks i had on Blissful Bali!! I really had to pinch myself everyday if it was all really happening! Too much Joy, too much Bliss, too much Love, too much Beauty, too much Happines 😄Abundance everywhere and in everything! I believe i never spoiled myself more then in the last 2,5 […]

Autumn on Ibiza – Best time for Yoga!

Autumn time on Ibiza! After the hot and busy summer on the island I’m happy to welcome a cooler and quieter time now. I love the after season on Ibiza. The big crowds are gone and the island falls back into its natural peace. Fields and trees in beautiful fresh green colours. Pleasant temperatures and […]

The Mountain – Yoga Ibiza Top 5 beaches

What are your favourite beaches on Ibiza? Where should I go? A question asked a lot by the people who join our yoga retreats or visit our yoga classes. Always I see myself thinking what to recommend. There are so many good beaches on Ibiza, its hard to choose! Of course it depends on what […]

Fleur Sophia’s Yoga Retreat Experience

During our True Nature Yoga Retreat in May we had blogger Fleur Sophia joining us. She wrote a beautiful article about her experience with The Mountain Ibiza. It very clearly explains what we offer in our yoga retreats on Ibiza. Let it inspire you! We look forward to welcome you on the magical island soon. […]