It is so great to experience when insecurities about yourself, shame and fear for rejection are no longer part of you. It’s such a relieve to just be YOUrself!!! It’s so joyful to step into your Power and fully embrace your authentic Beauty 🌺

For many years I also have been numbed down by insecurities. Afraid to shine my light too bright. Looking for approval about myself in the outer world to fit in. Ugh, no more please 🙏
Do man find me attractive enough? Is the work that I share inspiring enough? Are my motherhood skills good enough compared to other mothers? Am I behaving as the perfect partner for my beloved? Do family and friends think I make the right decisions? The list is endless right?!? But who cares!!!!

Looking back it all made me feel small and powerless. When I stopped minding so much about what ‘others’ think of me, I started to feel more empowered, more real, pure, sexy, vunerable, beautiful and AUTHENTIC!

I notice that many Women feel its time to leave all that limiting stuff behind us and step fully into our Truth. Who is with me on this 🤗?

🌺 I invite you to reclaim your inner beauty, wisdom, sensuality and power! Dear women, let’s shine Light in this world with our authentic radiance 🌟 We are ready!

If you feel ready but don’t know how and would love some guidance and Sisterhood on your journey….
You are so welcome to join me on the 🌺 BACK TO THE ROOT OF THE FEMININE – Women Yoga Retreat on Ibiza, 7-14 September or the BALI BLISS WOMEN YOGA RETREAT in Ubud 8-15 February 🌺

Find more info about the Women Retreats trough the link 🙏