I love how we keep discovering each other over and over again… That there is always more depth to our Love… How we always find a way to move beyond our roles as just parents or business partners and see each other again trough the eyes of Lovers. Somehow we always know how to re-ignite our spark!

Not that our being together is always smooth and stable (as some people may think since we are ‘yogi’s ’). No, I guess its the opposite 😅 We definitly have our ups and downs as a couple! Both of us can be pretty extreme and our characters/egos often bump. I can be a fiery bitch and he can be cold as ice. We broke up many times because of our stubbornness and pride. But its also because of this polarity that we keep being attracted to each other. Its trough the opposites that we find Harmony and Oneness every time we choose to open up towards each other, let go of egos and reconnect.

Trough Yoga, which led us to Self-Discovery, we start seeing that we are not our character, not our (negative) thoughts, emotions or feelings. That these are all momentary experiences that can be observed by a consciousness that is not affected by any of it. So why trying to hold on to it and give it so much importance right?! We discovered that we can rather focus on the never changing, ever present part of us… When we dare to see ourselves and each other beyond those momentary experiences, there is always Love ❤️ True Love ❤️ Unlimited ever expanding Love.

Open the Eyes of Your Heart, Look, Everywhere Is Love

Picture by Katarina Baliova