✧ Have you been longing for deeper connection in your relationship?
✧ Do you want to experience more intimacy with your partner?
✧And are you ready to surrender into Love?
Then join our Sacred Couple Retreat on Ibiza this summer 23-29 July!
We stay in an amazing villa with breathtaking sunsets, sea view, infinity pool and sauna. This will be the perfect space for your couple to unwind, relax and have some real quality time together.
Every day there is a program for you to explore how to raise your energy, harmonise your relationship and deepen your intimacy. You learn how to see through your ‘conditioned way of relating’ and move into a more expanded version of your couple.
We have daily morning yoga and meditation sessions to first of all drop into our own bodies and connect to ourselves before we start to connect with each other, a very important key in creating a Sacred Couple space.
During the rest of the day we dive into couple practices, sacred rituals and ceremonies, sharing circles or go on excursion to one of the magical spots on the island. And of course there is also free time for you and your partner to enjoy the beaches!
This retreat is for you:
– If your relationship feels dull and lifeless at the moment and you both feel the wish to revive it, this retreat is for you.
– If your relationship is going great and you want to keep growing and evolving together by learning tools to deepen your connection even further, this retreat is for you.
– If you haven’t had much time for each other because of your kids, your work or personal issues. This is the perfect opportunity to create some well deserved quality time together.
– If you two just met recently and want to have the best possible start of a dedicated relationship.
We believe that devoting entire days to each other is one of the greatest gifts you can give each other and will ignite the Love that you have been longing for.