Making Love

Human love making, has the power to bring you face to face with the divine. It has the power to transcend our broken state of separation.
When a man and a woman meet for the act of proper lovemaking they cease to exist as separate entities and become pure energy and consciousness. These elevated states of consciousness can be used as powerful catalyst for manifesting your dreams, so called s•x magic. Or they can simply be enjoyed and celebrated for what they are: Pure high vibrational fields that bring health and joy to all living beings.
We were made to make love, we were made to bring the divine energy into the earth plane. When more and more people engage in the Art of love making, rather than just having s•x, the world would be a much happier place.
Everybody has a natural inclination to make love. Everybody has sprouted from the sexual act and feels the pull towards it, but humanity has mostly lost access to higher love making and is lost in the egotistic self gratification part of s•xuality.
This a mayor and tragic loss for humanity and might very well be the main cause for all the separation and strive in the world.
But what is making love? How can we transform our conditioned ideas about regular s•x into Divine love making?
In our Sacred Couple Retreats on Ibiza you will find the answers to all of these questions and much more!!
In our safe and nurturing retreat space you and your partner will be reconnected to your masculine and feminine essence.
We honour these essences inside of each other as the basis from where divine lovemaking starts and all the magic happens 🥰✨

Join us this summer from 23-29 July on Ibiza for an unforgettable week filled with Love.