New Years Yoga Retreat Ibiza

Yes this year we will facilitate our New Years retreat TOGETHER again! And we can assure you it’s gonna be a very special one.
2020 was one of the most intense years for many of us. More than ever it showed us that choosing love over fear is the only way forward for those who want to lead a life of joy and fulfilment.
For this coming retreat we expect a brave group of strong souls who are not intimidated by all the restrictions that are being rolled out over humanity. This retreat will be for those who already strongly feel that Love is the only way. Love for who you truly are and your unique expression of love in this world. Together we will deepen the experience that indeed everything is possible when you are dedicated to Love.
After many trials and tribulation in our own personal relationship, we feel we have come out stronger than ever. We finally reached solid ground to once more celebrate life together as a couple, as a united family and to join forces again in our retreats.
We both grew so much in the past few months and now feel ready and inspired to share with you the fruits of our deep inner work.
For us the key to living in harmony with yourself and others is being in touch with our Divine Nature while fully embracing our Human nature.
This New Year we will hold space together to create the safe environment you need to deeply unwind, let go and enjoy who you truly are. We strongly feel that we are on the brink of a new world of freedom and abundance. Our work now, more than ever before, is to clean out and heal ourselves of old hindering patterns, in order to make space for our glorious Divine Being to shine through.
With great joy we are welcoming you to join us on this path, to lighten our burdens of fear and pain and to be reborn after a week of healing practices, empowering ceremony and celebration with us on magical Ibiza.
26 December – 2 January
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