How to truly meet your partner

Keeping the intimacy alive in your relationship can be challenging. We easily get occupied by work, family and daily life stuff…

Spending real quality time with our partner often becomes the last thing on the agenda. And watching Netflix together doesn’t count as quality time!

Real quality time is being fully present with each other; seeing, hearing and feeling each other. Creating an intimate atmosphere in which you can truly meet your partner.

We often try to avoid this kind of intimacy because it feels vunerable, raw and scary. We rather hide ourselves behind endless distractions.

Eventhough Wouter and I have intimacy as highest value in our relationship, we regularly observe that it somehow moved to the background. This is usually our wake up call to make it our priority again!

Because we know when we feel intimately connected, everything flows better. Our daughter benefits from it, our work, our own well-being and actually the whole world !

But how to get there you might wonder?

If you find it difficult to get into the mood and be intimate with your partner, I recommend to first focus on the intimacy with your self.

Do you feel connected to your own body, your own feelings, your own lifeforce?

If not, it can be very difficult to open yourself to someone else.

If you feel this is something you want to work on this first, I have you covered!

I created an online journey for you to get in the mood again.

From my own experience I know that nourishing and intimately meeting our self is also the key to beautiful intimacy with our partner. It’s really a win-win.

In ‘Nourishing the Feminine’ you learn how to activate your self from within and from this nourished state it becomes so much easier to be intimate with your partner again!

And if you feel ready to make a deep dive together with your partner, because you both want to feel that real connection and intimacy again, come to our Sacred Couples Retreat 22-26 March!

Self Love, Intimacy, Connection its all related ♥️