‘Ibiza is special, Ibiza is magical.’ When you Google the word Ibiza or meet people who have visited her, you will often meet words like ‘magical’ or ‘special’. It is true, Ibiza is a rare gem when it comes to positives vibration. It is an island with a long history of holiday celebration and finding peace. Already in Roman times overworked army officials would be sent to Ibiza to unwind and recharge. All these holiday people, no heavy industries, no intensive animal farming etc. create a vibe of celebration and being at ease. Whether the island’s vibe is so nurturing because of this or whether the vibe has always been good and attracts all these good things, is besides the point, what is of great value however is that Ibiza is the perfect place to unwind your mind and remind yourself of your authentic being. We call Ibiza our Home, because it shows us, quite effortlessly, the place inside of us where we are whole, natural and uncomplicated. When we rest there we are Home.