The style of Yoga we practice during our retreats and classes is best described as: ‘Mediterranean Flow Yoga’
In Flow Yoga (Vinyasa Yoga) we practice series of yoga poses, flowing fluently into one another, strung together by the breath. We call our Vinyasa Yoga: ‘Mediterranean’ to describe the slower pace of our practice. We noticed that our practice started to become significantly slower the longer we stayed on the island. In big cities the tempo of the classes lies usually higher, to keep you busy enough to be able to feel your body and move away from the chattering mind. In our experience the energy of the island and also of the people visiting is much less hectic than the people we meet in big cities. This allows us to slow down the pace for a deeper and more steady experience of meditation. In other words, the essence of yoga: finding the inner Peace of your undying nature, becomes more readily available for you.