Life is good. I love my family, I love my home and I still love to share yoga the way it comes to me naturally through our platform The Mountain-Ibiza.

I’m not so strong in selling stuff and keeping you people on the edges of your seats with clever posts and such. But since our July retreat still has some spots to be filled I am gonna tell you a little more about it, so you can sense if this is for you.

Yoga helps you to quiet down the mind. When the mind quiets down or in rare cases falls away in it’s entirety, you will realize you are still here: eternal, limitless and with a vibe of joy that will make you smile as long as you have a face to express it.

In these times of high intensity, deadlines, competition, selling ourselves, stress of paying bills and maintaining order it is especially good to know that you exist also without all that. We are engaged in the game called modern day life, but it is our game and we are the ones playing it. Soon this game will end and we will play different games, in the meantime we can either be totally hypnotised and forget ourselves or we can be fully aware that we are beyond any game. That a game is still no more than a game, played as long as our conscious or unconscious interest in it lasts.

Our retreats are especially for those souls who manoeuvred themselves into impossible life situations from which they cannot see any solutions anymore. Just to have you here with us on the island a bit away from your everyday routines, creates already the right setting to be able to see that all these things that you normally take yourself to be are actually just a bunch of stuff you decided to pick up to entertain yourself with. Most of these things started out as blessings and became burdens along the way.

So if you are one of those lucky ones, who cannot see ‘the forest’ anymore because of all ‘the trees’, come to Ibiza and join our yoga retreat in July. Our well-balanced yoga program in the middle of nature will make you soften your grip on every individual ‘tree’ so you can experience the entire ‘forest’ again. And the beautiful thing of a forest is that it takes care of all it’s parts, so you can sit back, relax and watch your life unfold in awe of the beauty that is always here.