The masculine is Meditation
The feminine is Love

The masculine longs to be Empty
The feminine longs to be Full

When you walk into a room of a man its often very minimalistic. Most man don’t like ‘stuff’, their shelves are empty.

Other things that proof men’s desire for emptiness are for example having orgasm or zoning out in front of the tv. These are actually substitutes for the true emptiness they seek.

When you walk into a room of a woman its usually filled with decorations and you will rarely find an empty shelf.

Other things women do to feel full is buying clothes and jewellery, eating nice food or surrounding themselves with friends. These are actually substitutes for the true love they seek.

The masculine is goal oriented, it wants to come to conclusions and bring things to an end.
While the feminine could never stop feeling, talking, enjoying, moving. She is energy in motion.

The masculine wants to be free
The feminine wants to love and be loved

Divine Masculine is the consciousness itself. It is the seed, the idea, from which the universe is born.
Divine Feminine gives birth to the universe. She is everything we experience around us. It is the sky, the ocean, trees, earth, wind, smell. It is the beauty of the universe.

But without the masculine consciousness, there would be nothing to witness this beauty.

So even though the masculine and feminine seem complete opposites, they actually complement and complete each other.
We discovered that understanding the polarity between the masculine and feminine essence leads to understanding ourselves. This will not only improve the relationship with ourselves but also enhances our relationships with our partner and all beings around us!

In our Sacred Couple Retreat we dive deeper into understanding the masculine and feminine and experience how they so beautifully complete each other.

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