By Wout R Smit
“With my root deep inside Her soil, I feel the heat rising.
I pant, struggling to spread the heat evenly over my entire body.
I allow my body free movement to spread the heat.
I hold on to Her for dear life, directing the fire through my arms into my hands and through my hands I radiate it back into Her.
She moans, a surge of energy shoots up from my root like a thunderbolt, I grasp for air, struggling to stay on top of it.
She reads me perfectly and gives me a moment to catch my breath.
The heat becomes less spiky and settles down into a warm glow spreading evenly throughout my body.
My heart is warm, so much love, it needs to pour out of me or it will destroy me.
I send my love to every cell of Her body. I need all Her mass to absorb my fire.
She continues to move, following Her bliss, after hours of lovemaking the energetic roads have been established.
Through my hands, chest and lips I give her all the love I have.
The nuclear power generated as my root is ploughing her soil gets balanced and transformed in my heart.
She speeds up again, she can’t help herself, again the heat rises, the heart has trouble keeping up, I have to get wider, more spacious, more empty of myself to prevent my fuses from blowing.
I moan by the intensity of it.
So much love to give, I radiate it out to the whole of humanity, to the entire cosmos for all I care.
Take it, take it!
No way to hold on to it, it just needs to be given.
Our lovemaking, animalistic as it started, turns into prayer.
“Dear Lord, empty myself of myself so I have the space to channel this love to raise the vibration of the entire earth.”
And then, everyday reality knocks on our door.
Our time is up for now.
We lay quietly in each others arms for just a bit longer, the root softens and is released from Her wet soil.
With warm hearts we step back into the world of daily tasks and rhythms.”