Ibiza retreat

True Masculine Retreat

6-9 October 2022

The Mountain Ibiza

Step into your power

This True Masculine retreat is about stepping into your spacious and penetrative masculine power.

Do you feel the time has come to stand for what you believe is right? To take responsibility for your life’s purpose and be a solid rock for those you love? Are you ready to be able to provide the safety she needs to blossom? Would you love to spend time with brothers to recharge and shed new light on difficulties you face in your relationships, your work or your life in general? Are you ready to take your life to the next level as an empowered man? Then this retreat is for you!

It is time brother to find our firm stance on Mother Earth.

It is time brother to hold our head up high, aware of our power.

It is time brother to walk in beauty, unapologetically radiating our fierce love  into the world.

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” The truth is like a lion, it can take care of itself “

What to expect?

Let me welcome you to one of the most powerful islands of the world: Ibiza!

Ibiza has many different flavours, attracting all kinds of different people, but she is always intense! Ibiza is also called the scorpio island, named after the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. This sign stands for intensity, extremes and for death and rebirth: this is an island for transformation! The natural energy of the island invites us to overcome our limiting self images and to become ever wider, freer and more loving versions of ourselves.

During this retreat a powerful field is created by our mutual intention to recognise and establish ourselves in our true nature, our masculine essence. We will get to know it as the absolute foundation of Life. From this knowing, springs fearlessness, compassion and a deep love for creation: the feminine. Based in our true essence  we can handle any situation, which allows us to really own our experiences, be fully naked, truthful and vulnerable. From this place you will learn to communicate your truth in a nonviolent and nonjudgmental way, which will greatly enhance the harmony in your love and/or business relations.

Expect daily yoga, meditation and breath work sessions to strengthen our muscles and nervous system, to empty our heads and build endurance. Expect rituals and ceremonies to get rid of stuff that is weighing us down and to connect to the raw masculine force within us. Expect hikes in nature, authentic sharing circles around the campfire and brotherhood.  Expect new lifetime friendships, lot’s of joy and laughter. The last night is reserved for a special vision guest, where we will hunt together for empowered visions of ourselves. During this ceremony every brother will have the option to use some ancient plant medicine to help him go deeper if he is feeling the call. 

For who is this retreat?

This retreat is for all men who are tired of playing small. For all men who are ready to see through and transcend the degenerative narrative society has been spoon-feeding us for decades. This retreat is for all men who wish to live a life of meaning and fulfilment. And for all men who wish to be legendary lovers, who appreciate truth and beauty, and are willing to find their power to stand for it.

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  • Being instead of doing
  • Connecting with your true self
  • Strengthening and purifying yoga sessions
  • Music and self-expression 
  • Empowering men circles
  • Meditation and breath work
  • healthy vegetarian meals
  • True brotherhood
  • Exploration of masculine archetypes
  • Wim Hof Style ice baths
  • Authentic sharing circles
  • Connecting back to the simplicity of life 
  • Ceremonies and transformational rituals
  • Vision guest
  • Nature hikes
  • Free time to explore the island.

Wouter Smit

About your host

I moved to live on Ibiza in august of 2012, after it was made sufficiently clear to me that my days in the big city were drawing to an end. Living a simple life in closer contact with the cycles of nature did me a world of good. 

Before I left Amsterdam, I was teaching yoga and meditation classes for 5 years. I continued doing that on the magical island and after a year or so I joined forces with the beautiful Laura Tabrizi and we created our yoga retreat platform: The Mountain Ibiza. She became my mistress, my girlfriend, the mother of my child and after many ups and down, break ups and reunions, she agreed to become my wife.

Laura discovered the ancient practices of feminine empowerment and that forced me to man up and step into my masculine power. We discovered that the many triggers that used to drive us apart were actually just a few continuously looping. That simple recognition reduced their force considerably and made us curious to explore and heal the trauma underlying those triggers. After a lot of trying, sharing, listening and healing, joined by the combined desire for truth and the termination of bullshit, we reached the undercurrents of love that are always flowing. Now we felt confident to share this knowledge with other couples and we created our Sacred Couple Retreat

From these couple retreats the wish was expressed by several inspired men to create a men’s retreat. For they knew in their hearts that they too wanted to keep up with their women and stand by their sides as equals. Their wish resonated deeply with me and I’m honoured to be able offer this retreat now.

So feel welcome brother! Trust me to create a save space for you to deeply unwind, face your shadows, heal your wounds and rise into the masculine power that is your birthright! 

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“Step into your Truth, Authenticity, Vunerability and Power”

Men Retreat Ibiza

Location – October ’22

Our retreat venue is an old farmhouse located in the natural North of magical ibiza. (Near San Vicente)

We are surrounded by fields and forests leading all the way down to the deserted rocky coastline of the North, a true natural playground, wild and beautiful, reflecting our masculine soul. The 8 hectares of land around the retreat house have several chill out spots, a big outdoor yoga deck and an indoor community space. 

The retreat venue is entirely off the grid and runs on solar power. The rooms are basic but clean. There is no wifi and hardly any cell phone connectivity on the premises, creating an excellent opportunity for a digital detox. A 200 meter walk will allow you to get back online if necessary. The food served at our retreat is healthy, vegetarian and mostly local, prepared by our very own private chef.

There will be room for 12 men only. There is one private room option with bathroom en suite, the rest of the rooms are shared between 2 or more brothers. There are several bathrooms which we will share as well.

Room1: 4 beds shared bathroom

Room 2: 1 bed, private bathroom (private room option)

Room 3: 3 beds, shared bathroom

Room 4: 2 beds shared bathroom

Room 5: 2 beds shared bathroom

Looking forward to welcome you in our Ibiza men cave!

  • Price shared room 777eu
  • Price private room 999eu

It is recommended to rent a car for the week, if you want to feel free to move around and discover more of the island. Team up with other men and rent a car together to get to the house. 

  • Check in Thursday 6th of October from 15.00
  • Check out Sunday 9th of October at 14:00


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Daily Schedule

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Men Circle
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Excursion or Ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Sharing or Vision quest

Retreat Price

Moving beyond fear. Stretch your limits. Find your life’s purpose.


€ 777

p.p. shared room

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  • 3 nights accommodation
  • vegetarian healthy meals
  • water/tea and small snacks
  • daily yoga & meditation
  • men circles
  • sacred plant medicine ceremony
  • Vision quest
  • nature walks

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Connect back to the simplicity of life.

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