Autumn time on Ibiza! After the hot and busy summer on the island I’m happy to welcome a cooler and quieter time now.

I love the after season on Ibiza. The big crowds are gone and the island falls back into its natural peace. Fields and trees in beautiful fresh green colours. Pleasant temperatures and time and space to relax and reflect at the empty beaches or in quiet nature. It’s the perfect time of year to dive deep inside ourselves, see and feel what is there and let go of stuck energy and limiting thoughts and beliefs. Autumn is the the time to clean up and create new space!

Are you also looking for more inner space? Do you wish to let go of feelings of stress and anxiety? Want to feel inspired and energised? Feel the need to connect with nature and your innermost self?

Then I very much would like to invite you to our True Nature Yoga Retreat Ibiza Autumn Edition, 3-10 November  on a mystic mountain in the north of Ibiza.

This place alone will instantly bring you back to you inner peace. So spacious, so quiet, so full of nature, so pure!

Expect Meditative yoga sessions, silent nature walks, authentic sharing moments, heart songs, homemade healthy meals and empowering rituals all designed for you to unwind and just Be.

See you soon!