Maybe you heard about this word before, maybe it is completely new to you: Yoni.
In my world this word is used a lot and I love everything about it. So let me share a bit more with you.
What is a Yoni? Yoni is another word for the female genitalia. Maybe you call it vagina, vulva, pussy or down there. There are so many words for it, but not one describes our female sexual organs as beautiful as the word Yoni.
Yoni is a Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word which can be translated as ‘Sacred Temple’. And that is exactly the description our female genitalia deserve! Because there is something incredible mysterious, sacred and magical about this part of the female body don’t you think?
Without her, none of us would be here. She is the portal from which we all came into existence. She is the one that gave birth to all Life. Wow, that is a pretty powerful realisation right?

The Yoni is seen as the Source of Life, the creative power behind everything and it represents our Feminine Power.

In ancient times and traditions the yoni was honoured and seen as the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy. She was worshiped and celebrated during divine feminine events like birth, menstruation and female sexuality. These where powerful moments in a woman’s life but also for the whole community, because during these mystical events there was a direct connection with the Great Goddess herself.
Nowadays the Yoni is not celebrated and worshiped anymore in our society. Instead she became over sexualised, something to ignore or even feel ashamed about it. Because of that many women are completely disconnected from their female parts. And that is really sad because it is in the Yoni where our true feminine power resides. It feels like the time has come to reclaim that power!
We can not speak about feminine awakening or empowerment if we neglect the most powerful and feminine part of our female body, the yoni. If we truly want to step into our feminine power it all starts with our relationship to our yoni. She needs to come out of hiding and claim her space. She wants to be seen, heard, touched, appreciated and worshiped. She wants to experience pleasure and ecstasy.
She wants you to own the sacredness of who you are as a woman!
Do you feel a calling to restore your relationship with your Sacred Temple and give her the attention she deserves?
In my online course ‘Nourishing the feminine’ I take you on a journey in which we connect al lot with the yoni: our source of pleasure, power and Sacred Femininity.
I initiate you in beautiful practices that help you to release and heal any negative associations you have around the yoni and let you (re)discover her magic.
Send me a PM if you like to join the Nourishing the Feminine!