Breaking free

About 7 Years ago I was on holiday on Ibiza dreaming of living here… Living a free life in contact with nature and with my self. I was So done with living ‘in’ the box of society, I wanted to break free, spread my wings and start living an authentic life. A life that resonated with my Heart 🕊

Following my heart

And so I did.. Two Years later I said goodbye to my 9 to 5 office job, the busy city, my superfical social life and settled myself on top of a mountain on Ibiza. My life changed completly. And I have never regret it for 1 sec. Never! I feel so at Home here. Moving with the pace of nature, sharing yoga, being outside, sunshine, free spirits, beach, tranquility.. Ibiza I am still So in Love with you ❤️ Forever grateful for following my Heart that time.

I love to tell you more about my journey how I start living my dream life. So stay posted!