Following my Heart for many years now… 💖 Going for that what you feel in every fiber of your being brings so much joy! No matter the outcome, if its gonna be a ‘succes’ or not, following the voice of your heart is always worth the shot if you ask me. Life has proven me this many times already….

Becoming a Yoga Teacher

One of the first times that I very strongly felt a call from my Heart was when I was 19 years old and I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher. After just a few classes of yoga, something opened up in me. The dark cloud that was hanging above my head during my teenage years suddenly dissapeared and I felt so much happiness and aliveness after every yoga class. I immediately knew I wanted to share this joyous space with other people and learn the art of teaching the ancient wisdom of yoga. During that time I was still studying and working in a very superficial glamorous world, but my heart told me I had to choose another direction. And thank god for that! I am still so grateful that my heart guided me to Yoga at such a young age and that I had the luck to do my Yoga Teacher Training with amazing teachers and fellow students who are forever in my heart. 

Travelling the world

After my study a new dream arose in my heart; to see the world. I was just 21 years and decided to travel to far away destinations. I wanted to be bold, adventurous, alone, contemplate about life, make new friends, learn and discover. And so I made it happen. I followed my heart to South-East Asia, India, Nepal, South-America and Africa. Also forever grateful for these experiences and all the beauty that Mother Earth showed me. 

Living on Ibiza

Then after a few years of working in a regular office job, because somehow I thought it was necessary now to be ‘normal’ for a while, something inside me started to itch again. My Heart longed for more freedom; a life in nature, working less, enjoying more. I dreamed of myself dancing on a rooftop of a little earth house in the forest, sharing my passion for yoga, living under the Mediterranean sun, with time to reflect who I really am. I couldn’t stop thinking about Ibiza, the island of freedom. It called me so strongly. And although many people around me where negative about my plans; like how do you get an income, where will you live, what will you do there, what about your family and friends, its not easy to move to another country blababla, I again decided to follow my heart and just TRUST! When something feels good inside, it probably is! And see now, 5 year later I am still here on Ibiza living my dream 🙏

Organising Yoga Retreats 

Since that moment of moving out of my comfort zone in Holland it became easier and easier to dedicated this life to freedom. Always trusting the voice of my heart. Sometimes I fall or ‘fail’ only to get back up again and grow stronger. Just the joy that comes with going for the things that make your heart happy, is already priceless!

What actually inspired me to write all of this, is the Bali Bliss Women Retreat that I host in February. Also this is something that sprouted from the Heart. I very clearly felt I wanted to organise a beautiful empowering week for women on my second favourite island Bali 😄. Now I have giving a yoga retreat before on Bali a few years ago (at that moment also just a leap of faith, following my hearts longing), this time it al felt more complicated and I was not so sure if I could pull it off. 

First the idea was to host it with my dear friend but she changed her mind. Then the fact I have a daughter now and I have to leave Isabelle with daddy for a while didn’t make it easy too. And wow the whole organisation of renting a house, food, excursions etc. etc. all pretty exciting. For a long time I was in doubt if I could do it. But every time I felt into it, I felt so much positive excitement!! My heart literally overflowed with joy and a buzz of aliveness 💓. 

Bali Bliss Women Yoga Retreat

It was not until recently that I decided to trust this feeling, no matter the outcome, and just go with this flow of ecstasy. Once again, being bold, adventurous, open to learn, discover and a readiness to meet women from all over the world and inspire them to follow their beautiful Heart too!

And Yes Yes Yes! My Hearts prayer is been heard. The Bali Bliss Women Retreat is really going to happen and already half full!! You can’t imagine how happy and grateful this makes me feel. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you from deep inside my Heart🙏

If you feel inside your heart you want to join me in this journey, you are very much welcome from 9-16 February on magical Bali! Looking so forward to share the bliss with you. Let’s shine our light bright ladies 🌟!!