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A tremble in the heart

It all began with a tremble in the heart. This tremble might be seen as a wish for greater freedom. It might be seen as the feeling that there has to be more to life than our day-to-day routines in the machine of modern day society. It was this tremble that made Laura fall in love with the practice of Yoga, a practice known for thousands of years to clean out even the deepest mental grooves and rigid mindsets. This same tremble caused the creation of her yoga platform The Mountain Ibiza.

As Laura was emptying out the useless rubbish of years of conditioning, a love story towards life was starting to unfold right in front of her eyes.

Now this love story is knocking on your door. Are you ready to let it in?

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Perfection is already here

The Mountain Ibiza was founded in 2014 on a mountain top in the North of Ibiza. Many things changed since then, the mountain made way for the campo, but the name stayed the same. The mountain in The Mountain Ibiza does not just stand for the physical place where we once started our yoga platform, but even more so for the high peek that is our innermost being. When progressing on the path of yoga & meditation, you will find that your scope is expanding like hiking up a mountain. Once you reached the summit, you can see with great clarity. It lets you take your stand outside the turmoil of everyday Life, it makes you realise perfection is already here, it was always here, you were just too occupied to notice it.

Passionate yoga teacher Laura Tabriziholds space for you and make sure you are feeling at ease while gently and safely sinking back into your authentic Self, the source of all joy and beauty.

Laura Tabrizi

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The Mountain Yoga Retreats

For those who want to slow down, deeply relax and are curious to rediscover their True Nature.

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