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Women Circle on Ibiza

21 April 10.00-12.00 AM

I am very excited to initiate you into the secrets of the yoni egg in a safe and held space. We will be with an intimate group of sisters who are ready to unlock their feminine power from within.
The Yoni Egg practice profoundly changed my life and I truly believe all women should know about it!
In this 2-hour ONLINE WORKSHOP you learn everything you need to know about this ancient Taoist feminine practice.
I will guide you through a beautiful Yoni Egg Ritual that will deeply connect you to your feminine essence!

This Workshop is for you if:

  • You have a Yoni Egg at home and you would love to know how to work with it effectively.
  • You feel drawn to this practice and want to learn what it is about.
  • You already do Yoni Egg Practice but would love to learn more and dive deeper into the practice.
  • You want to get more in touch with your Femininity
  • You want to get more in touch with your sexuality
  • You are struggling with pms and heavy menstruation and are looking for ways to improve this.
  • You want to develop a deeper connection to your partner.
  • You want to release unresolved emotions.
You can join the workshop also if you don’t have a yoni egg yet. The workshop is a nice opportunity to feel if this practice is something for you.
If you have any further questions, please reach out. I am here for you.
Looking forward to meet you in this container of self love and nourishment!

What other women say…

“I loved the yoni egg workshop with Laura. It surprised me how easy it is to work with the egg and all the benefits that comes with it it for me personally. It opened a new journey in my body awareness. laura explained it all very clearly and enthusiastic. Looking forward to the next one.” – Luciana
“ Amazing! Wonderful!  Touching! That´s how I would decribe my experiences with beautiful Laura. She brings to us not only a deeper understandig of what women are capable of, but also touches us both at our hearts and essence. I recently joined her online course ‘Nourishing the Feminine’ and her workshop “Yoni Steaming”. The way Laura ist teaching is very touching, loving and caring. So don´t wait to long and sign up for one of her coming up events… 😉! “ – Anja


Yoni Egg

Online Workshop


120 minutes

Book now E-mail us


Where: on Zoom

When: 21 April
Time: 10.00 – 12.00

  • It is also possible to book me for a private Yoni Egg workshop when you are on Ibiza. Contact for more info

Make your reservation at least one day in advance.

“Laura is a great teacher & healer and she really created a safe space for us to share and learn. Even through a screen us women really connected in the group. She knows what she is talking about and she is real and honest. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to enter the workshop. 


“ I feel so much more vibrant, sensual and woman after this workshop! Laura as a facilitator is warm, open and a very energetic woman. She shines womanhood and she shines sisterhood. Highly recommended."


"When you would have said, two months ago that I would benefit from putting a yoni- egg in my vagina, I would not have believed you. But this course came on my path and I decided to jump into it. Laura takes you on this journey of the Yoni Egg Practice in a very natural, authentic way. I like it that she guides you step by step, tells you a lot of background information and teaches you many tools that you can implement in your own personal life."