Ibiza retreat

The Radiant Mother Retreat

Rediscover Yourself

7-13 September 2024

The Mountain Ibiza

Remember your
True Feminine essence

This Ibiza Women Retreat is about stepping into the soft power of your feminine nature. Do you feel the time has come to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and set free the wise, radiant and powerful women that you truly are? Do you feel called to awaken to your true essence and live your life to its fullest potential?

I warmly invite you for a nourishing, empowering and transformative week of discovering who you truly are beyond all conditioning and limiting beliefs you have about yourself and help you remember your authentic natural beauty, the ever present glow that rises from within.

This Women Retreat is all about Self Care, Self Love and Self Discovery.

It is time sister, to root our feet in Mother Earth, align our Heart with Spirit… Breath… Feel… and come Home.

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What to expect?

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it often comes with the sacrifice of your own essence and well-being. You give so much to your children and family that it’s easy to lose sight of who you are beyond being a mother. If you’re feeling disconnected from your true self, yearning for a deeper sense of joy, purpose, and personal fulfillment, you’re not alone. Many mothers face this challenge, and it’s time to take a step towards rediscovery and renewal.

I created this retreat specially for mothers because they deserve and often really need a break from it all, to rest and reset.

This rejuvenating retreat is tailored specifically for mothers who are ready to rediscover themselves, reclaim their joy, and put themselves first for a change.

Here’s how we I will help you transform:

  1. Mindful Relaxation and Self-Care
    Indulge in activities that promote relaxation and self-care. From spa treatments to guided meditation and yoga sessions, you’ll find the peace and tranquility you deserve.

  2. Empowering Workshops
    Participate in empowering workshops focused on self-discovery, personal growth, and finding balance. Learn strategies to manage stress, set personal goals, and rediscover your passions.

  3. Supportive Community
    Connect with other mothers who understand your journey. Share your experiences, build lasting friendships, and find support in a community that celebrates and uplifts each other.

  4. Creative Expression
    Engage in creative activities that reignite your passions. Whether it’s painting, writing, or dancing, explore new avenues of self-expression and rediscover what makes you uniquely you.

  5. Nature and Adventure
    Reconnect with nature through guided hikes, beach outings, and outdoor adventures. Let the natural beauty around you inspire and rejuvenate your spirit.

  6. Holistic Wellness
    Enjoy nutritious, delicious meals and learn about holistic approaches to wellness that you can incorporate into your daily life. Nourish your body as you nourish your soul.

  7. Receiving and Putting Yourself First
    Embrace the power of receiving and prioritize your own needs and desires. Our retreat is a sanctuary where you can put yourself first without guilt, understanding that self-care is not selfish but essential. Learn to receive support, love, and care, allowing yourself to be nurtured and valued.

  8. New Inspiration and Fresh Energy
    Immerse yourself in an environment designed to spark new inspiration and infuse your life with fresh energy. Discover new perspectives, ideas, and motivations that will help you return home revitalized and ready to embrace life with renewed enthusiasm.

Your Journey to Rediscovery Begins Here


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When women gather, magic happens! Together we tap into a greater field of energy, a field of infinite possibilities….

Women Retreat Ibiza

For who is this retreat

This retreat is for all women who want to (re)discover their innate wisdom, sensuality, sexuality, natural beauty and radiance. Women who want to live life to its fullest potential. Women who want to break with the chains of patriarchal society and life long conditioning and are ready to liberate themselves.

Women who want to be free to express themselves in this world in their most pure and authentic way.

Women who know it is time to meet our own needs, honour and celebrate who we are.

The Woman who longs to take more time and space for her self, wants to nourish her self, discover her self and above all: Be her self, you are so very welcome beautiful sister!

Dive deep within your Divine femininity with me and experience how it is to feel radiantly alive. There is a creative force in all of us, longing to be expressed. Let this inner power be revealed to you and invite creativity, pleasure and joy back into your life.

Ibiza is the perfect paradise to unwind your mind, deeply drop into presence and have some well deserved me-time to reconnect with the beauty and bliss that is your nature.

“Presence is what allows us to be deeply connected to all of life,

Presence is what allows us to give up the way we think it should look like,
and accept what is.

Let us celebrate the rise of the divine feminine
in all her glory, grace and grit,
in her many facets and forms, and
in her brilliance, beauty and boldness”


  • Being instead of Doing
  • Connecting with your Authentic Self
  • Relaxing and Feminine Flow Yoga
  • Sensual Dancing
  • Empowering Women Circles
  • Nourishing Self Love practices
  • Meditation and Breathwork
  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals
  • True Sisterhood
  • Exploration of feminine archetypes
  • Authentic sharing circles
  • Ceremonies and Sacred rituals
  • Celebrating Life
  • Breathtaking sunsets
  • Sleeping in Luxury villa
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Excursion to magical spot(s)
  • Free time to enjoy this paradise

Laura Tabrizi

About Laura

Laura Tabrizi is your space holder this week. She created the True Feminine Retreats because of her passion and fascination for the power of the Feminine, an endless source of creation and beauty.

Laura’s spiritual path started already at a young age, she has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation from when she was 19 years old. The past 10 years she is been hosting Yoga and Women Retreats on her beloved islands Ibiza and Bali.

She is a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher, completed Priestess School Trainings wit renowned international Tantra teachers and has a deep passion for Feminine Embodiment practices like Dance and Sacred Ritual.

She believes every women deserves to remember who she truly is and needs to unlock and reclaim the gifts of being a woman.

About 8 years ago Laura was initiated into Motherhood. This was when her fascination for the power of the feminine actually started. Being pregnant, giving birth and taking care of a child have all been huge initiations into understanding and experiencing the power and magic of the feminine body.

Recently she gave birth to another child and is now the proud mother of two!

Laura is in beautiful contact with both her soft and powerful feminine energy and a true inspiration and role model for many women around her. Living from the Heart and connecting to the deep feminine waters of the Womb come very natural to her.

Her mission is to empower lots of women to reclaim their inner power, beauty and wisdom and encourage them to express it in this world without holding back.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than to see a woman shining her Light!

“I am not a super woman, guru, goddess or even like to call myself a teacher. I just share with you my Love for discovering Beauty and Truth within ourselves. I hold space for those who also feel called to reconnect and merge with our True Nature – the source of infinite Peace and Joy. “

Laura puts a lot of thought, effort, love and enthusiasm into her work and shares her wisdom beautifully. Her feminine radiance, heart and knowledge shines through in everything. I am in total favor of Laura’s work and guarantee anyone that works with her, it will be a life changing experience for you. You will leave as a different woman – boldly and unafraid of your authenticity.


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“Reclaim your feminine wisdom, power and beauty”

Women Retreat Ibiza

Location Retreat – September ’24

The True Feminine Retreat on Ibiza takes place in a beautifully renovated finca located on top of a mountain in the very quiet and peaceful Benimussa valley and is within easy reach of the west coast beaches, the airport and Eivissa.

The space, tranquility, stunning views over the valley and breathtaking sunrises will instantly seduce you. The place has several hang out terraces, lots of privacy, a swimming pool with a large floating sundeck, a fully equipped outside kitchen, yoga studio and a petanque court. Besides the main casa there are five other casitas, providing in total seven bedrooms for two people, each with its own bathroom.

  • Private room with bathroom ensuite, price p.p €2666
  • Shared Twin Room with ensuite bathroom, price p.p €2222
  • Private bell tent with shared bathroom, price p.p €1888

It is about 20 minutes drive from Ibiza Airport to the retreat venue. It is recommended to rent a car for the week, if you want to feel free to move around and discover more of the island.  It would be great if you can team up with other participants and rent a car together to get to the house. Ask us for the best deals.

Looking forward to see you here in Ibiza paradise!

  • Check-in Saturday 7 September from 17.00 
  • Check-out Friday 13 September from 11.00

Daily Schedule

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Woman Circle
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Yin Yoga, Excursion or Ceremony
  • Dinner

Retreat Price

This Women Retreat is all about Self Care, Self Love and Self Discovery.

Price from

€ 2222

p.p. shared room

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  • 6 nights accommodation
  • vegetarian healthy meals
  • water/tea and small snacks
  • daily yoga & meditation
  • women circles
  • cacao ceremony
  • sacred rituals
  • nature excursion

Not included: international flight, visa’s, transport.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of cancellation before July 11th 2024, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee. After July 11th 2024 there will be no refunds. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

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An amazing week on magical Ibiza, full of yoga, meditation, dancing, deep conversations, connection and transformation. Laura held space for us to be, to feel and be seen. It was a bliss to see every women transform into her most beautiful and radiant self.

〜 Sina

During this retreat I learned how to reconnect with my body and feminine energy. Laura has the fantastic gift of creating a space of safety. Her natural sensuality makes you open up and remember and embrace your own sensuality. Her grounded energy and lightness are very pleasant to experience. The magic is already within you and with Laura you can easily dive into it!

〜 Sharlain

“An unforgettable and life enhancing experience that every woman should gift herself. Laura is a truly devotional space holder and her programme is created with such nourishing intention, you can safely surrender to the magic that unfolds. A chance to learn about the divine pleasures and wonders of being a woman and to come home to your authentic self while being held and witnessed by a loving sisterhood. If your intuition is calling you here, I would urge you to listen.”

〜 Rae


Every women deserves to remember who she truly is.

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