What are your favourite beaches on Ibiza? Where should I go? A question asked a lot by the people who join our yoga retreats or visit our yoga classes. Always I see myself thinking what to recommend. There are so many good beaches on Ibiza, its hard to choose! Of course it depends on what you are looking for. But I am happy to share with you the places we love most. 

We like to  stay on ‘our side’ of the island, the more quiet north east. In summer time we go to the beach almost every day. What better place to be then on the beach, right?! We all love the water, sand and sun. It’s a place where everybody is relaxed and simply enjoys to be.

Here is our Top 5 beaches on Ibiza:

1. S’Illot de Rencli

Our latest discovery! This summer we fell in love with this little stone beach close to Portinatx. Clear waters and no waves, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. It’s very peaceful here, so also perfect for a day of lazy sunbathing. Next to the beach you have some beautiful rock formations to climb and explore. And above the beach you have a great Mediterranean restaurant with an amazing seaview, good for the real spanish vibes. We love it here!

2. Aquas Blancas

Ever since we are on Ibiza this is our all time favourite. Luckily we live very near! You have to make a bit of effort to get down the cliff, but magical waters and white sand are waiting for you. Love to come here early in the morning when the beach is still empty, to do some yoga and take a refreshing morning dip to wake up by the healing powers of the sparkling sea. We always go to the most right corner of the beach (when facing the sea). Here you find the picture perfect little chiringuito for your morning coffee with reggae or vintage tunes in the background.

3. Cala Nova

In the summer very crowded with tourists. But I understand why. Very chill beach with great scenery. All our yoga retreat students enjoy this beach the most! Also here the water is perfect (most of the times), turquoise clear and clean. And its the only beach on Ibiza were you can surf sometimes. So if you like waves and surf, this is the place to be! You will find us here mostly in winter, when we have the beach all for ourselves. So peaceful here in winter time! We like to come for a relaxing beach walk, build sand castles and watch the sunset.

4. Pou de Lleo

Our secret hide away in summer time. When all the beaches are packed and all the parkings are full, we retreat to Pou de Lleo. After a short walk along side the red cliffs (walking towards the left when facing the sea), you climb down the rocks and find a ‘seaweed’ beach in the shade of the cliff. Ideal on those real hot summer days! Here we find our peace & quiet and can cool down. Most of the time there is nobody there or just a handful of people also looking for some stillness. Enjoying the quiet waters, exploring all the little private beaches, naked sunbathing, meditating and simply being. Here you have the real back-to-nature feeling. Being one with nature.

5. Cala St Vicente

Most of our Ibiza Yoga Retreats are in the area of Cala St Vicente, so we are here quite often. Its a big white sandy beach with a delicious sea for swimming. If you don’t look behind you at the big hotel and just look straight forward, I find it one of Ibiza’s most gorgeous bay’s. It has this tropical holiday feeling. It’s very spacious here so you never have the towel next to towel experience. Also for kids its perfect, lots of space to play and easy to make new friends. This beach has a special place in my heart, since I came here everyday in my last months of pregnancy to prepare for birth by lots of swimming, yoga, meditation, reading and relaxing, Isabelle was born in a tiny apartment 5 minutes from the beach. in water of course :-).

Enjoy your Ibiza holiday!

* And just an insider tip, Ibiza is also amazing in autumn and winter if you are looking for some real peace & quiet for yourself. Check out our True Nature Yoga Retreat in Autumn and our New Years Yoga Retreat in winter if you love to join us.

If you like to share your own Ibiza beach tips with us, please leave a comment! Always curious to discover new places…