Frequently asked questions

Find your answers about our Ibiza Yoga Retreats :

I'm a beginner in yoga, can I join your retreat?

Yes you can. We start the week easy and slowly build up. This way you have the change to get used to our yoga style and what yoga is in essence. In our classes we try to suit everybody’s needs.  From beginner to advanced yogi, all beings are welcome. Our focus is not so much on fancy postures, but much more on the meditative aspect of yoga. Finding peace in the posture.

However if you never have done yoga before, see if you can follow a few classes in your city before you come to the retreat. Then you can deepen your practice with us on Ibiza. Its nice to have a base. 

How do I get from the airport to the retreat?

We recommend you to rent your own car to come to the retreat. This way you are flexible during your stay to explore the island in between classes. Most of our retreat locations are at rural areas of the island, with not much on walking distance. What often happens is that you rent a car with other participants. This way you can share the costs. We can help you to find a good deal!

If you don’t want to rent a car we can arrange a pick-up from the airport for you. One way price is 40 euro. 

The drive from airport to our retreat locations are between 40 and 60 minutes.

Do you recommend to rent a car?

Yes absolutely! Ibiza is not easy accessible with public transport, by bike or foot. With a car you are flexible to explore the island in between classes. Most of our retreat locations are at rural areas of the island, with not much on walking distance. You can also rent a car together with other participants. This way you can share the costs. We can help you to find a good deal!

Do you have tips how to book my flight?

You search for a flight to IBZ- Ibiza. A website that can help you to find good deals is:

Check-in for the retreat is around 16.00 o’clock

Check-out for the retreat is around 11.00 o’clock

If you fly from the Netherlands its best to book your direct flights with Transavia or Vueling


What is the maximum amount of people joining a retreat?

It depends on which location we use. But maximum amount of participants that we can have is around 13 to 14 people.

Usually we have small groups around 6 to 9 people. Which is very pleasant for everyone because there is more personal attention from our side and its easier to connect with each other in the group.

Do I need to bring a towel?

This depends on which location we use. But overall our True Nature Yoga Retreats are held on more basic locations were no towels are provided. Bring a beach towel and a towel for showering. 

How much free time do I have between the classes?

Every day during the retreat you have a couple of hours of free time to explore the islands, read your book, relax, go to the beach or take a siesta. Whatever you wish or need in that moment!

Most days there is a break after lunch from 5 to 6 hours till the afternoon program. Some days we go for a nature walk and you have a break from 2 to 3 hours after lunch. 

On Wednesdays you have the day and evening free after our morning program. You can plan to visit Eivissa Town, the magical rock Es Vedra, one of Ibiza’s many beautiful beaches or reserve your spot in a nice restaurant. 

How far is the beach from the retreat?

Our True Nature Retreats are situated a short 5 minute drive from the beautiful beach of Cala St Vicente. 

You can also walk there in about 45 minutes. A beautiful walk trough nature.


Can I book extra nights before or after the retreat?

Ask us for the possibilities. Send us the exact dates that you want to stay longer and we will check with the location what the possibilities are. 

Since its not our own place, often time its already rented out for another retreat. We can recommend you a few other accommodations to extend your stay on Ibiza.

What kind of yoga do you teach?
The style of Yoga we practice during our retreats and classes is best described as: ‘Mediterranean Flow Yoga’ and ‘Yin Yoga’.
In Flow Yoga (Vinyasa Yoga) we practice series of yoga poses, flowing fluently into one another, strung together by the breath. We call our Vinyasa Yoga: ‘Mediterranean’ to describe the slower pace of our practice. We noticed that our practice started to become significantly slower the longer we are on the island. In big cities the tempo of the classes lies usually higher, to keep you busy enough to be able to feel your body and move away from the chattering mind.
In our experience the energy of the island and also of the people visiting is much less hectic than the people we meet in big cities. This allows us to slow down the pace for a deeper and more steady experience of meditation. In other words, the essence of yoga: finding the inner Peace of your undying nature, becomes more readily available for you.
Our morning classes are Mediterranean Flow and the afternoon classes are Yin Yoga.
With how many people do I share a room?

Standard is to share the room with 1 other participants. We call this a shared double room, with 2 separate beds. 

There are a few rooms that have the possibility to share a room with 3 or 4 people. 

Its also possible to book a private room for additional costs.

Ask us for more info.

Is there a swimming pool?

At our True Nature Yoga Retreats there is no swimming pool. Its a more back-to basic place with lots of nature around. Being outside, with your bare feet on the ground, living a simple life in nature will help you to become more silent inside and recognize who or what you are beyond the limiting thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself.

There is a gorgeous beach nearby if you want to take a swim!

At our New Years Yoga Retreat and Bali Bliss Women Retreat there is swimmningpool 🙂

What do I need to bring to the retreat?
Things to bring:
– flash light
– comfortable clothing for yoga
– something warm for the evenings and mornings
– extra towel
– organic sunscreen
– organic mosquito repelent
– sneakers/sandals for walking
– refillable water bottle
– sunhat or cap
  • Yogamats and props are provided by us
I have a food allergy, is it possible to adjust the menu?

Please inform us on time and we can discuss with our chef about the possibilities.