Retreat for her and him

Sacred Couple Retreat Bali

10-15 February 2024

Deepen the Love, Intimacy and Understanding in your Relationship on luscious Bali.

This Couple Retreat is all about bringing the connection between you and your partner to a higher level.

Feel seen and loved by your beloved like never before!

The Mountain Ibiza goes Bali

Love and fulfilment

This winter we bring our Sacred Couple Retreat to sensuous Bali! The perfect place to reignite the love and connection in your relationship!

Our relationship can be an endless source of growth, joy, bliss and fulfilment. And oftentimes our relationship starts out that way, but over time it usually loses some of its joy and juice.

Some of us might simply accept this as a given fact, while others see this as a cue to start looking elsewhere, only to meet the same difficulties over and over again.

A relationship, however is very much like a living entity, it needs attention, food and nourishment to stay healthy and thrive.

This Couple Retreat will provide a safe container for you to explore and expand together as a couple. You will learn through direct experience how to keep your relationship alive and juicy.

By seeing and releasing the tendencies we have that are not serving the wellbeing of our couple and by showing you ways that are essential to keep your connection open and clear, we can grow together to greater heights.


We feel that when you devote time to really be with one another, when you are present enough to really see, hear and feel your partner, your relationship becomes sacred and give rise to profound experiences of unity and fulfilment.

Come and join us for 5-days of love, bliss and transformation!

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What to expect?

We, Wouter and Laura,  welcome you to one of the most romantic islands in this world, Bali!

Our days here are designed for you two to have some real quality time together in a safe, supported space and beautiful surrounding. We stay in a gorgeous eco resort in a quiet neighbourhood in Ubud with traditional cottages and deluxe rooms. Here it is easy for you to unwind, deeply relax and reignite the spark.

During this Couple Retreat we learn how to raise our vibration, harmonise our relationship and deepen our intimacy. You become aware of your ‘conditioned way of relating’ which enables you to move into a more expanded version of your couple.

You have morning yoga and meditation sessions to first of all drop into your own body and connect to yourself before you start to connect with your beloved, a very important key in creating a Sacred Couple space.

During the rest of the day you dive into couple practices, sacred rituals and ceremonies, sharing circles and go on an excursion to a magical spot on the island.

Our intention with this program is to create more awareness about love, sex and relationship. There is so much to discover and learn within and through a relationship. It is even said that our relationship is the highway of spiritual growth.

We create an experience for the two of you that connects you more deeply and opens you up more fully too each other than ever before!

Are your willing to go the extra mile for your couple? 

Are you willing to spend meaningful time together?

Yes? Come to Bali with us for 5 delicious days and take home tools that will keep your love alive for years to come! 

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For who is this retreat?

  • If you are a thriving couple that wants to keep growing and evolving together by learning more ways to deepen your connection, this retreat is for you.
  • If you two just met recently and want to have the best possible start of a dedicated relationship, this retreat is for you.
  • If your relationship feels dull and lifeless at the moment and you both feel the wish to revive it and reignite your spark, this retreat is for you.
  • If you haven’t had much time for each other because of your kids, your work or personal issues. This is the perfect opportunity to create some well deserved quality time together. This retreat is for you.
  • If you are a pregnant couple who desires to create a loving field together in which to welcome your baby, this retreat is for you.
  • If you are parents who like to invest in your relationship but also want to keep your little one(s) close. You are welcome to bring your baby/toddler! *

* We can arrange a nanny for you during the couple sessions! It is so important for the family dynamics that you are not only parents but also romantic partners. The love and connection between you and your partner is the foundation of the family and your child(ren) will greatly benefit when you are creating loving vibes together!!

We believe that devoting entire days to each other is one of the greatest gifts you can give each other and will ignite the Love and Intimacy that you are longing for.

Limited spots available! If you feel this is just what you and your partner need. Go for it!

Note: If you choose to come to our retreat, it is important that you are BOTH committed to the expansion of your self and the couple.


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This retreat is for all couples who like to deepen their connection, deepen their intimacy and deepen the understanding about the masculine and the feminine and how they compliment and complete each other.

Highlights Bali Couple Retreat

  • Connection with your partner
  • Quality time for the couple
  • Being instead of Doing
  • Deepening in Love and Understanding
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Tantric and Taoist couple practices
  • Empowering Women and Men Circle
  • Creating a Couple Bubble
  • Valentine’s Day Couple surprise
  • Delicious Balinese massage
  • Boosting your sexual polarity
  • Honouring Masculine and Feminine
  • Learning about Sacred Sexuality
  • Authentic sharing circles
  • The art of giving and receiving
  • Sleeping in beautiful eco resort
  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals
  • Sacred Couple rituals
  • Cacao Ceremony of Love
  • Feeling seen and loved
  • Excursion to magical site
  • Free time to enjoy this paradise

Bali Retreat

The Sacred Couple

A couple can be called a Sacred Couple when both parties make a strong commitment to Love. They know that their Union is made to serve each others evolution. They are aware that mind grooves will cause disturbances, but they also know deep in their Heart the underlying Love and Trust that is always present.

To reach that Love over and over again, efforts are done to understand the workings of the mind and to see, transform and to heal the underlying trauma that lies at its base.

” We dedicated our Sacred Union to Truth, Love and Beauty.

Our mission is to create a ripple effect of Love in this world by inspiring other couples through our unwavering devotion to each other. “ 

– Wouter and Laura

Meet Laura & Wouter

About your hosts

We are a couple for 10 years and we have been through many trials and tribulations together, but always came out stronger. Our love continued to deepen over the years and inspired us to share our experiences with other couples.

We are the proud parents of Isabelle (6) and Rumi (0) and we live together on magical Ibiza. We moved here to live the life of our dreams. A slow life in contact with nature and ourselves. Doing what we love! Which is organising Women, Men and Couples Retreats to empower humanity and bring more beauty and love into this world.

Over the past few years we helped many couples to connect on a deep level and celebrate their love!

We hope you join us too and let us help you discover the beauty and power of connection and intimacy within a loving relationship!

Laura’s spiritual path started already at a young age, she has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation from when she was 19 years old. The past 10 years she is been hosting Yoga, Women and later Couples Retreats on her beloved islands Ibiza and Bali. She is a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher, completed Priestess School Trainings with internationally renowned Tantra teachers and has a deep passion for Feminine Embodiment.

About 6 years ago Laura was initiated into Motherhood. This was when her fascination for the power of the feminine actually started. Being pregnant, giving natural birth at home and taking care of a child have all been huge initiations into understanding and experiencing the power and magic of the feminine body.

Laura is in beautiful contact with both her soft and powerful feminine energy and a true inspiration for many women around her.

“It is my calling to help women remember and reclaim our feminine wisdom, power and beauty”

Wouter’s spiritual path started in a flash in his twenties, after a powerful experience of awakening.

For years he was emerged in shamanism until he fell in love with yoga. For several years he hosted True Nature Yoga Retreats together with Laura on his beloved island Ibiza. After teaching yoga for many years he came into contact with tantra. The emptiness of yoga, filled by the fullness of tantra completed the circle.

Now he is eager to share from his experience from all these fields of teaching to lift up the spirit of those who are ready to wake up to their true nature.

” I am here to help you remember your life is sacred. You are the medicine creation craves for. Find it, own it, Be it…”

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Read all reviews ➞

It’s been over 2 months since we came back from the Sacred Couple Retreat and I can still feel the glow! My partner and I were able to work through some deeply-rooted issues in our relationship at this retreat that we’d honestly been struggling to resolve for years. I came home from Ibiza feeling more in love, more intimately connected, and more attracted to my partner than I’ve felt in a long time. My advice: Go! And drink as much kool aid as you can. It’s delicious.

〜 Cougar | from California

” We healed, played, exalted – and yes, made amazing love in the beauty of Ibiza. I was astonished that each day I felt more and more alive to the energy that love grants me. You will not be disappointed from this experience! Laura and Wouter have so much to share with the world about the power of surrendering to love. I will be forever grateful to them for the blessings of their gifts: their wisdom, clarity, generosity, humor, and love.”

〜 Karrah | from USA

“ So grateful for this wonderful retreat with Laura and Wouter. A beautiful and inspiring couple, hosting the retreat with a lot of love, joy and integrity. Our relationship is blooming even more and our lovemaking has shifted to an even higher level (we didn’t even knew was possible :). Wonderful place, amazing food, lovely people. And a lot of things we take home to integrate in our lives and relationship. I would recommend this retreat to every couple that wants to grow together! “

〜 Roos and Sebastiaan | from The Netherlands

“ This Sacred Couples’ Retreat was a true celebration of our love. Laura and Wouter held such a safe and evolving space. The whole Couples Retreat just wrapped us in love and led us to a such a profound depth, we couldn’t believe was possible. We think that every couple needs from time to time these kind of practices, clearings, rituals, talks etc., whether to reignite their fire or to make that fire burn even brighter!!!! “

〜 Merike | from Estonia

Sacred Couple Retreat Bali

Location Bali Retreat – February 2024

The Sacred Couple Retreat on Bali takes place in a beautiful sanctuary tucked among the lush gardens and quiet neighbourhoods of Ubud, Bali. Here you can breathe deeply, and reconnect with each other and with nature.

When we visited this place a couple of years ago we immediately fell in love!

Cozy homes located in a heavenly garden with a luxurious salt water pool.

This eco resort offers the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the breakneck pace of everyday life, to focus on our health, our love, and enter a state of mindful wellbeing, all while leaving behind a minimal environmental footprint.

Across the sprawling grounds, you’ll find Balinese architecture, flowering trees that shade stone pathways, and an Organic garden grown with love.

They offer a variety of comfortable homes. From traditional to deluxe rooms to Javanese cottages. Each room’ has a welcoming atmosphere and has a private balcony overlooking the lush gardens.

At the resort there is also an organic cafe, infra red sauna and a Holistic Spa with a variety of relaxing treatments for us to enjoy.

Room options:

  • Deluxe Eco Cottage with AC €3333
  • Deluxe room with AC €3222
  • Traditional room with fan €2888

Prices are based on a double bed (extra fee if you bring your baby/toddler)

It is about 1,5 hour drive from Denpasar Airport to the retreat venue. Airport transfer is included. You will be picked up by our driver on arrival and will be brought safely to Ubud.

Daily Schedule

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Sacred Couple session
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Sacred Couple session or Excursion
  • Dinner
  • Sharing or Ritual (not all evenings)

Retreat Price

A deep dive into yourself and your relationship!

Price per couple from

€ 2888

On booking you will need to pay a 50% deposit. Then the remainder is due 6 weeks before the retreat. Please get in touch if you’d like more information before booking

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  • 4 nights accommodation in double room
  • 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals a day
  • Daily yoga & meditation
  • Daily couple sessions
  • Women Circle
  • Men Circle
  • Excursion to magical nature spot
  • Balinese massage
  • Valentine’s Day surprise Treatment
  • Airport transfer

Not included: international flight, visa’s, transport, extra spa treatments

CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of cancellation before October 10th 2023, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee. After October 10th 2023, there will be no refunds. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

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“It is my sincere hope that this Sacred Couple Retreat would become a defining experience that continues to grow in popularity for hundreds of couples seeking romance and connection. As a framework for developing romantic expression, this retreat will absolutely influence the way you love and honor your partner!” – Matthew, USA


When both partners dedicate their path together to love and expansion, their relationship becomes Sacred.

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